TV Guide Teases Degrassi Finale

Degrassi is to be featured in an upcoming issue of TV Guide, and the article contains some interesting spoilers about the finale.

As expected, it looks like the season 12 summer finale will center around the production of Romeo and Jules. In addition to storylines about Clare, TV Guide hints at an interesting Tristan storyline we may be seeing:

Another twist comes when one of the ‘Romeo and Jules’ leading men, openly gay freshman Tristan (Lyle O’Donohoe), can’t be found after he accepts and intriguing invitation from a secret admirer. Stohn compares tonight’s finale to iconic Degrassi episodes from the past, including the shooting of Jimmy Brooks and the death of J.T. “The way it all comes together makes it a special episode people will remember,” says Stohn. “I cried at the end of it.” Whether those were tears of joy or sadness remains to be seen.

Interesting! Degrassi has posted scans from the article on their official Tumblr blog. Check it out!