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WildBrain Confirms Degrassi Reboot is “Paused,” Says Series Will Not Debut on HBO Max

After months of speculation, we now have confirmation that the Degrassi reboot will not be moving forward with HBO Max.

Almost a year after the reboot was originally announced, a new report from the Wall Street Journal confirmed the cancelation on Wednesday. The article didn’t say much, just that HBO Max is not moving forward with the series. A few media outlets have reached out to HBO Max for comment, but the streamer hasn’t responded yet.

Then on Friday WildBrain issued their own update on the new Degrassi series. The statement confirms that “the previously announced new Degrassi series will not be debuting on [HBO Max].” However, it does not say that the reboot is entirely dead, just that it’s currently “paused” and that “discussions concerning the contract with WarnerMedia are ongoing.”

This news should come as no surprise to Degrassi fans, because there have been strong evidence for months that the reboot wasn’t happening anymore. But if there is anything good to come from this, it’s the fact that WildBrain’s response is a thousand times better than when there were rumours about Degrassi: Next Class getting cancelled, and they never said anything about it.

From the WildBrain statement, it’s clear that the Degrassi brand is still a major priority for them. They also acknowledged the frustration amongst Degrassi fans by stating “WildBrain greatly appreciates the devotion and patience of Degrassi fans. Degrassi remains enormously popular around the world and, as owners of the franchise, WildBrain is committed to the future of Degrassi.”

Former Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn also addressed the news on Twitter by saying “Linda [Schuyler] and I are as eager as all Degrassi fans to see and enjoy and engage in a new Degrassi series, on whatever service that may be! We are not involved with the current discussions. We remain hopeful that production of a new series will proceed soon.”

Degrassi will come back one day. It just won’t be the reboot we were promised in January 2022.

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Stephen Stohn releases podcast, audiobook version of Memoir

It was a big day for Stephen Stohn as the audiobook and companion podcast to his memoir Whatever It Takes was finally released.

The audiobook is narrated by Stephen himself along with his co-author Christopher Ward. It is available on all the usual audiobook platforms (e.g. Audible, etc). If you haven’t gotten around to buying a physical copy of the book, this is a great alternative.

The podcast also features the voices of Stephen and Christopher. It includes excerpts from Whatever It Takes as well as additional commentary. The first episode focuses on the chapter in Whatever It Takes about the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode “Time Stands Still.” Even though I read this chapter back when Whatever It Takes was first released, I really enjoyed listening to Stephen and Christopher recap how the “Time Stands Still” episode came to be. There isn’t a ton of new information, but it’s still definitely a worthwhile listen.

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Linda Schuyler’s Book “Degrassi Matriarch” to be Released in 2022

For years we’ve been hearing rumours that Degrassi co-creator Linda Schuyler is writing a book, and today we finally got the official confirmation!

As announced by Stephen Stohn on Twitter, Linda’s book is titled Degrassi Matriarch, and will be released sometime in the Fall of 2022. It’s being published by Canadian indie book publisher ECW Press. The book will chronicle Linda’s 40-year career as Creator and Executive Producer of Degrassi. It includes her own personal story as well as anecdotes about several of Degrassi’s celebrity cast/guest stars including Drake, Kevin Smith, Chaz Bono and more.

I’m expecting this book to be similar to Stephen Stohn’s book Whatever It Takes. But based on the initial information we have, it sounds like it might be more focused specifically on Degrassi as opposed to being a memoir about her life in general. Either way, this is very exciting news! As someone who is interested in the history of Degrassi, I have been hoping for a book from Linda for years. I can’t wait to learn more about her story.

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Recapping the ATX Television Festival’s Degrassi: TNG 20th Anniversary Panel

It finally happened! Tonight the Degrassi cast and producers reunited for a panel at the ATX Television Festival. Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren, Aaron Martin, Jake Epstein, Aislinn Paul, Shane Kippel, Luke Bilyk, Lauren Collins, Munro Chambers, Daniel Clark, Andrea Lewis and Christina Schmidt were all in attendance at the pre-recorded panel. They spoke about a wide range of topics from their time on Degrassi, storylines that they loved, fan interactions over the years, and much more.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this panel. Seeing this group of people interact with each other again was so special. However, it was unfortunate that there wasn’t a lot of new information. As a super fan, I felt like I already knew most of what they talked about (I’m still waiting for the details on what happened when Next Class was cancelled!). However, there were definitely a few times when I was feeling the emotions, such as when Lauren said she wanted Degrassi to come back one day so her son would have something like it to watch.

Since this panel was behind a pay wall and also it was a one-time only event, I’ve tried to summarize the main points that they discussed below.

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Everything we know so far about the Degrassi: TNG Reunion at the ATX Television Festival

HUGE NEWS!! The producers and cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation will be participating in a panel at the Austin-based ATX Television Festival in June. Here is everything you need to know about the panel and how you can attend.

When is the panel?
The Degrassi panel will be on June 11, which is the first day of the Festival. It will be at 7:00pm CT (8:00pm EST). It is supposed to be 1 hour long. After it airs, it will be available until 2:00am CT the next day for festival goers (in case you’re not able to tune in live).

What is the Degrassi panel and who is participating?
The panel will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Degrassi: The Next Generation (TNG premiered in October 2001). It is presented by Tubi, which is one of the platforms where Degrassi: TNG is streaming.

As of now, the confirmed participants are Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren, Jake Epstein, Aislinn Paul, Shane Kippel, Luke Bilyk, Lauren Collins, Munro Chambers, Daniel Clark, Andrea Lewis and Christina Schmidt.

During the panel, the panelists will discuss storylines and moments from the series, behind the scenes stories, and more.

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Degrassi Books To Read During Quarantine

Did you know that there are a number of Degrassi-related books available? Degrassi may be a television series, but if you want to step away from a screen and read about Degrassi you can do this too. Here is a list of my favourite Degrassi books and how you can find them in 2021.

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TV Guide Teases Degrassi Finale

Degrassi is to be featured in an upcoming issue of TV Guide, and the article contains some interesting spoilers about the finale.

As expected, it looks like the season 12 summer finale will center around the production of Romeo and Jules. In addition to storylines about Clare, TV Guide hints at an interesting Tristan storyline we may be seeing:

Another twist comes when one of the ‘Romeo and Jules’ leading men, openly gay freshman Tristan (Lyle O’Donohoe), can’t be found after he accepts and intriguing invitation from a secret admirer. Stohn compares tonight’s finale to iconic Degrassi episodes from the past, including the shooting of Jimmy Brooks and the death of J.T. “The way it all comes together makes it a special episode people will remember,” says Stohn. “I cried at the end of it.” Whether those were tears of joy or sadness remains to be seen.

Interesting! Degrassi has posted scans from the article on their official Tumblr blog. Check it out!

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Interview: Stephen Stohn with Degrassi Experience

Degrassi’s executive producer Stephen Stohn was interviewed via Skype by the fandom’s most popular vloggers, Alex and Taylor from Degrassi Experience! Check out their exclusive interview with the man behind our favourite show.

For more:
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Degrassi Celebrates 300 Episodes

A big congratulations goes out to the entire cast and crew (past and present) of Degrassi, as the series is filming it’s 300th episode today. That is quite the milestone! Degrassi celebrated with this very original Degrassi-style cake, presented to executive producers Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn by Canadian TV host Ben Mulroney. Stephen clarified on Twitter that the two figures on top of the cake are him and Linda, with Mr. Simpson (Stefan) sitting on the front steps.

Stephen also pointed out on Twitter that Degrassi has now passed Beverley Hills, 90210 for most episodes of a television series. As well, Degrassi writer Matt Huether tweeted that Degrassi is 2nd only to The Simpsons for most episodes of active shows.

Way to go Degrassi! Here’s to another 300 episodes!

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Stephen Stohn Reveals Season 12 Spoilers

Ology’s highly anticipated interview with Degrassi executive producer Stephen Stohn was released today. As expected, Stephen gave us lots of interesting information for Degrassi’s upcoming summer season, including spoilers involving, Eli & Clare, Fiona & Imogen, and the Drew/Katie/Bianca love triangle.

On the subject of Eli and Clare, Stephen explained the process of bringing Eli and Clare’s relationship back to the forefront:

Creatively, what went into bringing Eli and Clare back together?
We always try in Degrassi to be as authentic as possible. You know that. It’s always been a mantra, and life has a way of bringing people together and pulling people apart. At the same time, there’s always been inherent in their characters something that made that relationship special. That’s something that goes on in so many different relationships in real life. Maybe you yourself have had a relationship that was very intense, and for whatever reason broke off… but then maybe you see the person in a new light a few months later after both of you moved on. You may want to try it out, but at the same time, there’s a lot of fear in trying it out.

Read the full interview (with lots of spoilers & information!) right here.

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Emma Nelson headed back to halls of Degrassi


@StephenStohn @OfficialMiriamM

Degrassi Executive producer Stephen Stohn and former lead cast member Miriam McDonald share a tweet exchange that could potentially reveal a future minisode plot for Season 12. Miriam played Emma Nelson on the show from Season One to Season Nine. Twitter is already buzzing with speculation of the plot point for her character, with confirmation of the demise of her exiting relationship with Spinner being the number one suggestion. Many fans have been calling for a cameo of notable former cast members and it seems that mini episodes are the perfect way to do it.


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Degrassi Episode Titles

Stephen Stohn's photo Readthrough #1Stephen Stohn's photo Readthrough #2Stephen Stohn's photo Readthrough #3
Stephen Stohn on WhoSay

The cast of Degrassi is back in session again this week with new episodes to read through. Stephen Stohn posted pictures of the cast and gave out the latest episode titles. All four of the new niners characters have been at the past two read throughs. Here’s the list of all the released episode titles for Season 11 Part 2:

1130/31- Bleeding Love (Teennick Special Title – Nowhere to Run) Airing in October
1132/33 Underneath It All
1134/35- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
1136/37- Not Ready to Make Nice
1138/39 Need You Now (New)
1140/41 Smash Into You (New)

Click the pictures above for full size images.

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Degrassi Picked Up For A 12th Season!

In case you were wondering if Degrassi was going to come to an end anytime soon… this should calm your fears. Stephen Stohn announced on Twitter today that Much Music has picked up Degrassi for a 12th season. This is remarkable, given the fact that season 11 hasn’t even premiered yet. Season 12 likely wont begin filming until the year 2012. As Stephen mentioned on Twitter, I dont think I can remember a time a show was picked up this far in advance. We. So. Excited!

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Degrassi Accepts Peabody Award

Congratulations ad from TeenNick and Degrassi’s Peabody Award

The Peabody Awards were handed out today in New York, and several Degrassi representatives were at the event. You might remember that earlier this year it was announced that Degrassi would receive a Peabody Award for its groundbreaking transgender storyline. Today they were presented with this award. Executive producers Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler were there along with Jordan Todosey. Stephen has been tweeting pictures from the event, which you can view at his Twitter. Hopefully we will get to see some videos from the event soon!

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Stephen Stohn Confirms Season 11 Episode Titles

There has been some confusion lately about the season 11 episode titles. Today @StephenStohn confirmed via Twitter titles for the first 21 episodes. They are as follows:

1103 – Love Game
1104 – What’s My Age Again
1105 – Idioteque
1106/07 – Cry Me a River
1108/09 – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
1110/11 – Paper Planes
1112/13 – Should’ve Said No
1114/15 – U Don’t Know
1116/17 – Lose Yourself
1118/19 – Mr. Brightside
1120/21 – Extraordinary Machine

As you can see, there are some familiar songs there. What do you think these storylines will be about?

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Season 11 Confirmed: 44 Episodes + New Cast Announced

Stephen Stohn announced new season 11 details via Twitter this afternoon! We are expecting a press release sometime tomorrow with more information. In the meantime, Stephen tweeted the following:

Yes, Degrassi Season 11 is confirmed, there’ll be 44 episodes (one of which is an hour-long, so 45 half-hours in total)… Cristine Prosperi, Justin Kelly and Chloe Rose join the cast as Imogen Moreno, Jake Martin and Katie Matlin … And the summer will have daily Degrassis like last summer.. with one twist you’ll like, which I’ll let MuchMusic announce!

It’s no surprise that Degrassi will produce 44 episodes once again this season. I’m guessing that the hour-long episode is either the premiere or the finale, which will be aired in a movie-esque way (see TeenNick’s promotion of Season 7’s “Bust a Move” as the “Degrassi Spring Break Movie”). Daily Degrassi’s this summer was also to be expected, given Degrassi’s success in the summer of 2010. What is this “twist” Stephen speaks of? I’m guessing that Much Music will be announcing it soon!

As for the new cast, it looks like they haven’t announced who will be playing Mo/Dennis yet. However, a quick google search of the others revealed the following information:
Cristine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno: Not much can be found about Cristine at this point. Apparently she may have appeared in the film Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming in 2007? This is unconfirmed. On Degrassi, Cristine will play Imogen, a fun, energetic girl who goes to great lengths to stand out in the crowd.
Justin Kelly as Jake Martin: Justin is already known by many Degrassi fans who follow him on Twitter (@IsJustKelly). Born in 1992, Justin played Noah Jackson on The Latest Buzz and Brody Thompson in The Jensen Project. On Degrassi, Justin will play Jake, the new heartthrob and Clare’s rumoured love interest.
Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin: Chloe must be a new actress, because my google search has drawn a blank. On Degrassi she will be playing Katie, Marisol’s BFF and a talented soccer player.

Keep checking for all the latest season 10 news. I am going to be away tomorrow night, but I will post updates as soon as I can. We should be getting a press release soon, so stay tuned for that!

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Stephen Stohn Talks Spin-Off, New Characters, and More

Stephen Stohn gave a very interesting and insightful interview with The Star Scoop recently. He answered A LOT of ongoing questions the fans have. Firstly, he mentions that season 11 hasn’t technically been picked up by the networks yet, but it’s very likely that it will happen (no surprise there). He also talks about his favourite storylines, a new energy on set, and the possibility of any old characters coming back. AND we now know that the characters they are casting now (see these descriptions) are not the new grade 9’s expected to be introduced in the 2nd half of season 11. The new grade 9 class will be cast later, assuming season 11 moves forward. Finally, a big question on the minds of many fans has been this never ending talk of a spin-off. There have been Degrassi spin-off rumours since season 6. Here’s the latest from Stephen Stohn himself:

We’ve heard rumblings about a Degrassi spin off – what is the status (is this true?) and who might be included?

We’re working on the new show with the working title Highlands Gardens. It might or might not be a Degrassi spin-off — we’re still deciding. One of the characters could be a Degrassi character, although it could work not being a Degrassi character also, so we’re developing the show with both possibilities in mind. Shooting will be in August/September, so we’ll have had to make up our minds by then!

Click here to read the full interview.

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Some “Very Dramatic” Degrassi Episodes

Stephen Stohn, you tease! The executive producer of Degrassi tweeted this spoiler-y picture of Eli & Julia today, while the finishing touches were put on what he called very “special” episodes. Stohn tweeted: “Just heading to a mixodwn of some “special” eps, very dramatic eps… very dramatic… Did I mention, dramatic?

He also mentioned that Alexz Johnson’s A Little Bit (reloaded) will be in the Degrassi season 10 finale.

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Another Twitter Hint From Stephen Stohn

Stephen Stohn gave us another Twitter hint this afternoon!! About an hour ago he tweeted:
The next block of 12 Degrassi’s starting February 11 will have a name, like The Boiling Point did..
…only of course it’s not called The Boiling Point, nor is it The Breaking Point…

My guess is that we’ll be hearing what this name is in the near future (and hopefully a new promo?) Get on it TeenNick & Much Music!

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Degrassi Mobile App Pushed Back Until 2011

If you’ve been wondering what happened to the Degrassi mobile app, Stephen Stohn tweeted today that it has been pushed back until spring 2011. But it looks like once it is released, it will be even better! I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait in the end. Here’s what Stephen had to say:

News about the app: I’ve tested the version to date, and just don’t feel comfortable releasing it now.. needs to be great, and right now it’s just good.

We’ve learned a lot in the course of developing it, and are going back to the drawing boards with a much better/more integrated overall plan

the bad news is it means it won’t be ready till the late spring/early summer…

the good news is that when we do release it it will be cutting edge, engaging, and very Degrassi…

live and learn

oh, but when we do release it it will be on iPhone, iPode Touch, iPad AND Android..