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WildBrain Confirms Degrassi Reboot is “Paused,” Says Series Will Not Debut on HBO Max

After months of speculation, we now have confirmation that the Degrassi reboot will not be moving forward with HBO Max.

Almost a year after the reboot was originally announced, a new report from the Wall Street Journal confirmed the cancelation on Wednesday. The article didn’t say much, just that HBO Max is not moving forward with the series. A few media outlets have reached out to HBO Max for comment, but the streamer hasn’t responded yet.

Then on Friday WildBrain issued their own update on the new Degrassi series. The statement confirms that “the previously announced new Degrassi series will not be debuting on [HBO Max].” However, it does not say that the reboot is entirely dead, just that it’s currently “paused” and that “discussions concerning the contract with WarnerMedia are ongoing.”

This news should come as no surprise to Degrassi fans, because there have been strong evidence for months that the reboot wasn’t happening anymore. But if there is anything good to come from this, it’s the fact that WildBrain’s response is a thousand times better than when there were rumours about Degrassi: Next Class getting cancelled, and they never said anything about it.

From the WildBrain statement, it’s clear that the Degrassi brand is still a major priority for them. They also acknowledged the frustration amongst Degrassi fans by stating “WildBrain greatly appreciates the devotion and patience of Degrassi fans. Degrassi remains enormously popular around the world and, as owners of the franchise, WildBrain is committed to the future of Degrassi.”

Former Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn also addressed the news on Twitter by saying “Linda [Schuyler] and I are as eager as all Degrassi fans to see and enjoy and engage in a new Degrassi series, on whatever service that may be! We are not involved with the current discussions. We remain hopeful that production of a new series will proceed soon.”

Degrassi will come back one day. It just won’t be the reboot we were promised in January 2022.