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New Season 12 TeenNick Promo

E! Online has posted yet another new TeenNick promo from Degrassi’s 12th season. This one teases the first few episodes, and includes some interesting spoilers to say the least.

According to the article, the first two episodes are about Drew ending things with Katie and possibly reuniting with Bianca. “While Drew and Bianca eventually end up together, they’re going to have to face the wrath of a super-bitter Katie.” On the subject of Eclare, E! says that Clare “wants to be with Eli, but worries that he doesn’t feel the same way.” We’ll have to watch to find out!

Categories promos season 12 spoilers teennick

Season 12 Promo: Psyched For Summer

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Screencaps: Season 12 Trailer

For those of you who are eager to analyze the new promo in microscopic detail, you can check out our screencaps from the new trailer in the gallery.

Categories promos season 12 spoilers teennick

Degrassi Season 12 Trailer; New Summer Timeslot

After a long day and a couple of mix-ups, the season 12 trailer has finally been released!

Posted by earlier this afternoon, the trailer is just as exciting as previous seasons! It uses the idea of high school yearbook photos to tease what we can expect from our favourite characters. This year, the trailer includes the song Bite Your Tongue by Chantal Claret, which you can download on iTunes right here!

In addition to the trailer, we also found out that season 12 will premiere on Monday July 16th at 10:00 p.m. This is an hour later from when Degrassi usually airs (9pm), and is being met with mixed reaction amongst the fans. Obviously, most of the fan-base will not be in school over the summer. But 10pm is later than what we’re used to for Degrassi. What do you think?

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TeenNick Season 12 Trailer to Premiere Monday!

It’s that time of the year once again! This Monday, TeenNick will premiere its new trailer for season 12.

The trailer is expected to be similar to the promos that were created for season 10 and 11. It will likely hint at a couple of storylines that we can expect to see this summer.

Olivia tweeted the above picture earlier today, saying that Maya has “her eye on someone this season.” It looks like they are using the hashtag #DegrassiShowdown, which goes along with this rivalry storyline we saw in the first promo. Keep an eye on Degrassi Online, as we will post the promo as soon as we can once it is released on Monday!