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Degrassi Receives an Emmy Nomination!

As an avid fan of Glee, I was eagerly anticipating today’s Emmy nominations. But while at my desk feverently checking Twitter this morning, I definitely did not expect to hear my beloved Degrassi’s name called! That’s right, Degrassi has been nominated for a 2011 Primetime Emmy Award!

Degrassi is nominated in the “Outstanding Children’s Program” category. They are up against A Child’s Garden of Poetry, Victorious, iCarly, and The Wizards of Waverly Place. Degrassi is nominated for “My Body Is a Cage Part 2.” With the subject matter of that episode, it definitely stands out from the rest. What do you guys think about Degrassi’s chances of winning?

This isn’t the first time Degrassi has been nominated for an Emmy Award. Kids of Degrassi St. won an Emmy in 1986 for the episode “Griff Gets a Hand” and Degrassi Junior High won in 1987 for “It’s Late.” Degrassi Junior High was also nominated for an Emmy in 1988 for the episode “Great Expectations.” However, this is the first time Degrassi has received an Emmy nomination since the TNG redux. So as expected, everybody is very excited.

Degrassi most definitely deserves this level of recognition, and I couldn’t be happier for the producers, crew, and cast of this amazing show!

EDIT: Check out this brief Etalk clip on Degrassi’s nomination!
EDIT #2: And another one! Etalk aired this short interview with Jordan Todosey on Friday night.

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Season 10 Part One DVD Bloopers

Want to see Munro Chambers have issues with driving Morty, or See Melinda Shankar get hit in the head with a football as well as many other hilarious things? Then you should watch these bloopers from the Season Ten Part One DVD!

If you haven’t already pre-ordered the DVD (you should, it is definitely worth it!), you can right here at Right now, the DVD is around $13 which is really cheap. The DVD is also out in stores right now in Canada!

Also, if you want to see Jessica Tyler’s- Mr. Perfect Music Video click HERE and the Three Tenners Music Video right HERE (both Special Features on the DVD)

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Screencaps: Drop The World Part 1 & 2

Sorry for the delay in posting screencaps this week, but I have finally been able to upload images from both parts of Drop The World. You can check out the full album with 200+ pictures in the gallery! Relive the drama and the heartbreak from the season 10 finale. If you haven’t done so already, you can also view screencaps from all 44 episodes of season 10. Head on over to our Season 10 Category, and get caught up.

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TeenNick Promo Pictures: Drop The World Part 2

TeenNick promo pictures for the finale are out!! They posted a bunch of new pictures of Eli, Clare, Fiona, Holly J, Anya, as well as KC and Drew. Check them out at These pictures don’t give too much away, but there are other extremely spoiler-y promo pictures that surfaced this afternoon. They give away a lot, so I refuse to post them. But if you want to check them out, visit!

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Drop The World Sneak Peek on MTV’s 10 On Top

Degrassi was mentioned on MTV’s 10 On Top this morning. They spoke with Aislinn and Charlotte, and also talked a little about new season 11 cast member Justin Kelly. It’s a cute segment, however it contains a major spoiler for this Friday’s finale episode. For some reason, MTV decided to show a clip of what is likely one of the last scenes (epicly lame if you ask me). DO NOT watch this video if you don’t want to be spoiled!!!

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Much Music Promo: Drop The World Part 2

It pays to get up early! It’s not even 8:30am and I already have the promo. Here is the Much Music promo for next week’s season finale Drop The World Part 2. The episode centres around the school dance that Alli arranged, and focuses on Eli’s breakdown. It should be a good one!

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Screencaps: Chasing Pavements Part 2

I am seeing some strong opinions on last night’s episode! Whether your a Fiona/Holly J or Fiona/Adam fan, there is a lot of love for this episode. Relive it all by viewing the screencaps now available in our gallery. We’ve got over 100 screencaps this week for you to use however you like. Check out the full album right here!

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Screencaps: Chasing Pavements Part 1

Sorry for the delay this week! My computer had a virus, and it was making it difficult for me to upload these. But now everything is sorted out, and screencaps from Chasing Pavements Part 1 are now available in our gallery. There are 134 images there for you guys to view and steal as much as you’d like. Check out the full album right here!

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TeenNick Promo Pictures: Chasing Pavements Part 2

Get ready for the Holly J/Fiona/Adam love triangle we’ve all been waiting for! TeenNick posted its promo pictures for this Friday’s episode, and they are as awesome as one might expect. They include new images of Fiona/Holly J, Fiona/Adam, Anya, Alli, and Drew. I can’t wait for the episode this Friday! You can check out all of the new pictures on

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TeenNick Promo: Chasing Pavements Part 2

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for! Am I right? Here is the TeenNick promo for next Friday’s new episode (Chasing Pavements Part 2). Adam is back, after only having a brief appearance in Part 1. And it looks like there is going to be some major Holly J/Fiona development. Also, the Anya/Owen storyline continues, and see how Alli does on her math quiz.

EDIT: You can also check out the Much Music promo right here!

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Much Music Preview Pictures: Chasing Pavements Part 1

Aaaand here we have the Much Music preview pictures for this Friday’s episode!! What can we learn from these pictures? Holly J looks gorgeous in red and Fiona’s fashion sense is as amazing as ever. The new images include shots of Alli back at Degrassi, Alli/Clare, Fiona/Holly J, Fiona with her Mom, and Fiona at an AA meeting. Check them out over at the Much Blog!

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Episode Summaries: TeenNick’s April Highlights

TeenNick’s April Highlights are out! They include episode summaries for the last 3 episodes of season 10 (Chasing Pavements Part 2 and Drop the World). As always, thanks to Kyle at Cable TV Talk for posting!!

Premieres Friday, 4/8 at 9pm ET
“Chasing Pavements, pt. 2”

Fiona tries to pick up where she left off with Adam. But is she into him for who he really is… or who she wants him to be?

Premieres Friday, 4/15 at 9pm ET
“Drop the World, pt. 1”

Eli is getting increasingly intense about his and Clare’s need for togetherness. Is he just in love, or is something else going on here?

Season Finale
Premieres Friday, 4/22 at 9pm ET
“Drop the World, pt. 2”

Eli promises he’ll give Clare the space she’s asking for. Can he hold to his word, or will he still find a way to draw her back to him?

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Screencaps: Hide and Seek Part 2

Screencaps from Hide and Seek Part 2 have been uploaded to our gallery! Check out new pictures of Holly J, Sav, Alli, Johnny, and the rest. Use these images however you’d like. Click here to view the album.