Degrassi Halloween Minis

No surprise here. All of the Degrassi Halloween minis have been leaked when they were supposed to premiere one at a time this week. Here is Part 1. The other parts are all over Youtube, and you guys will have no problem finding them anyway. But I’m only linking this one for now. Kind of short but I guess the costumes are cool?

Update: They’ve been taken down. So you have to go to or to watch them.

New Descriptions of the Halloween Minis

Nickelodeon’s press release on their Halloween schedule features these new descriptions of the Degrassi Halloween minis:

Monday, Oct. 25
9:00 p.m. – Degrassi
“Monster Moon” Halloween Mini, Part 1 (Premiere)

As the Monster Moon rises high above Degrassi’s Halloween dance, the students are in for some surprising twists and turns. Sav gets into a hairy situation, and poor Wesley can’t believe his eyes.

Tuesday, Oct. 26
9:00 p.m. – Degrassi
“Monster Moon” Halloween Mini, Part 2 (Premiere)

With the dance in full swing, Eli tries to get a little one-on-one time with girlfriend Clare in a deserted hallway. What he doesn’t know is that she has a self-indulgent plan of her own.

Wednesday, Oct. 27
9:00 p.m. – Degrassi
“Monster Moon” Halloween Mini, Part 3 (Premiere)

When Zane sees that Riley has deviated from their matching costume plans, it’s time for a big conversation. Seriously- what’s Halloween without matching gladiator costumes?

Thursday, Oct. 28
9:00 p.m. – Degrassi
“Monster Moon” Halloween Mini, Part 4 (Premiere)

Fiona may be beautiful, but she’s a terrible mime with a dark secret. Could it be that Drew’s extremely good looks on the night of the dance tempt her into revealing her true nature?

New Pictures From the Halloween Minis

These new pictures from the upcoming Halloween minis have been floating around the internet tonight, and we now have HQ versions thanks to Joa! You can see all of the pictures in the gallery. The cast looks amazing! We’ll start seeing the Halloween minis next week. Can’t wait!

TeenNick’s October Highlights: Halloween Minis!

TeenNick’s October Highlights give us some new episode summaries as well as descriptions of the upcoming Halloween minis!!! A mime? A vampire? A serial killer? All part of another 4 Degrassi Halloween minis coming out at the end of October! The above picture is one that I took on set of a costume being made for the minis known as “Monster Moon.” Here are the TeenNick descriptions:

Premieres Monday, 10/25
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 1″

The full moon is known to cause crazy things to happen. Degrassi is already insane. Full moon… meet Degrassi.

Premieres Tuesday, 10/26
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 2″

Freaking Eli out isn’t easy. Maybe an undead girlfriend would do the trick?

Premieres Wednesday, 10/27
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 3″

The monster moon has made a serial killer of Riley. And only one man can stop him… with the vicious power of a guilt trip.

Premieres Thursday, 10/28
“Degrassi: Monster Moon, pt. 4″

Creep-o mime Fiona, meet sparkly vampire Drew. But… who’s chomping who, here?

Source: Kyle @ Cable TV Talk

Ryan Is Back for a Degrassi Holiday Special

With the holiday season fast approaching, Degrassi is celebrating! This Friday TeenNick will air the “Ghost of Degrassi Past.” We can assume that this is a mini episode. It is based on the classic Christmas tale the “Ghost of Christmas Past.” The excitement is centered around the return of our beloved JT Yorke. Can’t wait!