Degrassi Season 12 Fall TeenNick Trailer

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Returns This October

The summer season may have ended tonight, but this October Degrassi returns with brand new episodes!

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Showdown Week 5

TeenNick & Much Music Promos: Degrassi Showdown Week 4

…What is there to say? I’m speechless.

Check out the above promo from TeenNick for next week’s episodes. You can also watch a LQ version of the Much Music promo on Tumblr!

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Showdown Week 3

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Showdown Week 2

Degrassi TeenNick Promo: Week 1

HQ Version of the Much Music Trailer

Finally, Much Music has posted a high quality version of their new season 12 promo which premiered during the Much Music Video Awards on Sunday night. Check it out on!

Much Music Season 12 Trailer

Much Music aired a brand new trailer for season 12 during the Red Carpet Special of the Much Music Video Awards last night. After talking to the cast on the red carpet, Much premiered this epic promo featuring Florence and the Machine’s song “No Light, No Light.” This promo contains a lot of spoilers, so be warned. But it’s actually all kinds of awesome.

Much has not yet posted an HQ version of this promo, so all we have is this LQ version. But as soon as Much Music uploads a better version (hopefully soon??), I will update this post.

Later in the evening, Much Music aired this promo during the actual awards show. It is a shorter version of the trailer, but it still contains a few clips as well. Check it out over here.

New Season 12 TeenNick Promo

E! Online has posted yet another new TeenNick promo from Degrassi’s 12th season. This one teases the first few episodes, and includes some interesting spoilers to say the least.

According to the article, the first two episodes are about Drew ending things with Katie and possibly reuniting with Bianca. “While Drew and Bianca eventually end up together, they’re going to have to face the wrath of a super-bitter Katie.” On the subject of Eclare, E! says that Clare “wants to be with Eli, but worries that he doesn’t feel the same way.” We’ll have to watch to find out!