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Cassie Steele and Miriam McDonald Reunite on Instagram

Cassie Steele and Miriam McDonald participated in an Instagram Live on Entertainment Weekly’s last Monday. During the live, the pair answered questions about their time on Degrassi as well as their friendship on and off screen. They also opened up about the challenges they faced as child actors, such as experiencing bullying and exclusion.

If you missed the live, Degrassi Source uploaded it to YouTube.

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Cassie Steele & Annie Clark Attend the Juno Awards

Degrassi stars Cassie Steele and Annie Clark were both at the Juno Awards last night in Ottawa. They were there to present the Dance Recording of the Year award along with Francois Arnaud from The Borgias. Annie looked adorable in this neon pink strapless dress, while Cassie chose a revealing leather number that I’m sure turned a lot of heads. Check out more pictures from the event in our gallery!

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Cassie Steele Talks About Returning to Degrassi

Former Degrassi cast member and current star of The LA Complex, Cassie Steele, recently spoke with, expressing interest in returning to Degrassi. While nothing is confirmed yet, Cassie said that she would like to return if the right storyline came along. Lauren Collins recently returned to Degrassi for a brief appearance in a webisode. Would Cassie be willing to do the same?

I’m not on the show anymore, so it’s not about us anymore, and we really need to capitalize on the new characters — the budding careers these young actors have. It has to suit their story line. So if I have the chance, I’d love to. It’s a really big part of my life, and it’s so great to see these young adults working and being amazing at what they’re doing.”

Its nice to see Cassie talk about how she would love to be back on Degrassi, yet she’s still so supportive of the new cast members!

Read the full article right here.

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Cassie Steele at the Genie Awards

Former Degrassi cast member & current star of The LA Complex, Cassie Steele, attended the Genie Awards last night in Toronto. The Genies celebrate the best in Canadian film, and Cassie was on hand to present an award. Cassie wore a gorgeous dress from Toronto designer Amanda Lew Kee. Check out Cassie’s interview on the red carpet!

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Production Begins on Highland Gardens

Filming for Epitome’s new show Highland Gardens began today. The show, which stars former Degrassi cast member Cassie Steele, was originally rumoured to be a Degrassi spinoff. However, a new press release that came out today suggests that that is no longer the case. The series also stars Joe Dinicol, Chelan Simmons, Jewel Staite, and Benjamin Watson. It is about a group of young performers who are living in an apartment-style hotel in Hollywood. Read more about the show in today’s press release:

Whether they stay a week, a month, or 40 years, the denizens of HIGHLAND GARDENS provide something to each other that’s in short supply elsewhere in Hollywood: support. The ensemble drama stars:
•Joe Dinicol (MURDOCH MYSTERIES, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) as “nice-guy” Nick, a struggling stand-up comedian from Edmonton who is always the best friend and never the boyfriend;
•Andra Fuller (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Entourage) as Kaldrick, the extremely successful Hip-Hop artist hailing from the streets of Oakland, California;
•Jonathan Patrick Moore (Neighbours, All Saints) as Connor, a break-out Australian with drop-dead good looks and a dark past;
•Chelan Simmons (SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL, KYLE XY) as Alicia, a sensitive, aspiring dancer from Regina who will do whatever it takes to make ends meet;
•Jewel Staite (FLASH FORWARD, STARGATE ATLANTIS) as the street-smart Haligonian Raquel, who’s frightened of becoming yesterday’s news;
•Cassie Steele (DEGRASSI, RELIC HUNTER) as Abby, the naïve Toronto actor who is ready to fight to get to the top;
•and Benjamin Charles Watson (Todd and the Book of PURE Evil, The Listener) as Tariq, the confident and talented African-Canadian hip-hop artist with a secret on the down low.

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Something Sexy From Cassie

Cassie Steele has released a new song in celebration of Valentines Day! It’s called “Something Sexy” and sexy it is! Check out her Myspace to give it a listen or purchase it for download. Cassie is also going to be making a music video for the song, and she needs your help!! What to be a part of the video? Cassie explains all the details in this video blog!

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Cassie Steele Live Webcast – Tonight!

Cassie has been talking about this event on Twitter for a while, so here is all the details! Cassie is holding a special live webcast concert tonight at 9pm ET. The show will feature acoustic selections, merchandise giveaways, as well as guest performances. Interesting enough, the webcast is being produced by Centennial College students and will take place at the Centre for Creative Communications which was the set location for Degrassi High!

For more information check out this press release from Centennial College, or Cassie’s Twitter and Myspace pages.

The webcast can be viewed at this link tonight at 9pm!

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Cassie’s Video Blogs

Cassie Steele is doing a series of video blogs for She recorded the first one in the studio and she reveals some very interesting information. Firstly, she says that she is recording a song that could possibly be on the New Moon soundtrack. And she also reveals that her third album should be out this time next year!

Check it:
Cassie Steele Video Blog #1
Cassie Steele Video Blog #2

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Review: Cassie Steele’s Sophmore Album “Destructo Doll”

It’s been 4 years since Cassie Steele released her debut album. At that time she was 15 years old and in the middle of her 5th season as Manny Santos on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Now she’s a 19 year old young woman living in LA. Her second album, Destructo Doll, was released last Tuesday. With a mixture of R&B, pop, rock, and grunge, Destructo Doll is a fantastic summer album that will not disappoint Cassie’s fans.
Read the full review written by me!

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Cassie’s Album Comes Out Tomorrow!!

This is just a reminder to make sure that you buy/download/whatever Cassie Steele’s new album Destructo Doll when it is released tomorrow!! We’re so excited and hoping that it’ll be a big success. Check out the YT video below to listen to 30 second samples of all the songs. It sounds amazing!

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Cassie To do a Show with Blogtalkradio

On July 16th Cassie will be doing a 2 hour radio show with Jon Moody on Blogtalkradio. The show starts at 10pm. Cassie will be there to discuss her music as well as Degrassi Goes Hollywood. Fans are welcome to call in, and 5 callers will win free t-shirts! Click here for all the information.

Cassie’s album, Destructo Doll, is coming out in less than a week (on July 21st)!

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Cassie Talks about Body Image and her Beauty Routine

Cassie Steele did an interview recently in which she talks about her beauty regimen (surprisingly simple), what she does to stay healthy, as well as her new CD coming out on July 21st. When asked what makes someone beautiful, Cassie replied:

“People being themselves. Someone who is easy to be with, and has no walls up. No intense baggage. When you meet somebody you can tell they are thinking about something else when they are saying something, or when they are jaded. I want to hang out with people that are good hearted and have good intentions.”

Read the full interview right here.

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Cassie Steele Update

Cassie Steele now has an official fan page on Facebook. Check it out and become a fan because you can now sample her new album Destructo Doll. She’s posted 30 second clips of EVERY song that will be on the album. July 21st could not come quick enough!!

As well, her official site is now open!! Go to for all the latest Cassie news! You can also check out photos and videos!

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New Song from Degrassi Goes Hollywood

The N put out another Degrassi Goes Hollywood mini music video that was put on YT by the ACES. This one is for the song “Life is a Show” performed by Cassie Steele. The video features clips from the movie including some Manny/Jay scenes, several dancing scenes, and shots of Cassie singing with the boys from Studz.

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Cassie on the Punk Rock Show

Cassie is going to be on DJ Rossstar’s Punk Rock Show this Thursday at 7pm PT. You can watch the show online. Each week features performances and interviews from different artists. Click here for more information. We can’t wait to see Cassie on the show!

Also, you’re going to want to check out Cassie’s Myspace if you haven’t recently. She’s got a whole new layout with images from her new album cover. It looks great!