Cassie Steele & Annie Clark Attend the Juno Awards

Degrassi stars Cassie Steele and Annie Clark were both at the Juno Awards last night in Ottawa. They were there to present the Dance Recording of the Year award along with Francois Arnaud from The Borgias. Annie looked adorable in this neon pink strapless dress, while Cassie chose a revealing leather number that I’m sure turned a lot of heads. Check out more pictures from the event in our gallery!

CTV Upfront Pictures

Jessica posted some pictures of the cast at the CTV Upfront event last night. Check them out at her Facebook right here!

CTV Press Release Includes Season 10 Info

CTV held its annual Upfront event today, announcing its fall schedule. We know that several Degrassi cast members were in attendance so hopefully we’ll be getting some new pictures soon! Along with the event, CTV put out their fall press release which includes a cast list and synopsis for Degrassi season 10:

DEGRASSI – Season 10 (half-hour drama, MuchMusic)

One of Canada’s top young adult series returns exclusively to MuchMusic! Starting this July, DEGRASSI viewers can keep up with the series four days a week, as the show moves to a 30-minute, Monday – Thursday format. In Season 10, a new school year brings big changes to the students of DEGRASSI. New rivals, new friends, love interests, a shift in the school’s hierarchy and physical threats shake up every relationship. Relevant and exciting, intense and fresh, Season 10 continues to explore envelope-pushing stories with a sense of humour and a lot of heart.
Cast: Starring Raymond Ablack, Charlotte Arnold, Luke Bilyk, Stefan Brogren, Munro Chambers, Annie Clark, Sam Earle, Jahmil French, Judy Jiao, Jamie Johnston, Alicia Josipovic, Argiris Karras, Landon Liboiron, Jabube Mandiela, Samantha Munro, Aislinn Paul, AJ Saudin, Melinda Shankar, Jordan Todosey, Jessica Tyler
Credits: Created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore. Executive Producers: Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn and Brendon Yorke. Directors: Phil Earnshaw, Eleanore Lindo, Sturla Gunnarsson, Samir Rehem, Pat Williams, Mario Azzopardi, Stefan Brogren. Original Score by Jim McGrath and Tim Welch. Casting Director: Stephanie Gorin, csa cdc. Editors: Gordon Thorne, Jason B. Irvine. Production Designer: Stephen Stanley. Director of Photography: Alwyn J. Kumst csc. Producer: David Lowe and Stefan Brogren. Supervising Producer: Stephanie Williams. Executive Post Producer: Ella Schwarzman. CTV/MuchMusic Production Executives: Samantha Morris Mastai and Ben Rotterman. Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Much MTV Group: Brad Schwartz. Vice-President, Production, Much MTV Group: Mark McInnis. Director, Program Development for CTV: Brett Burlock. President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.: Susanne Boyce
Production Company: Epitome Pictures Inc. in association with CTV/MuchMusic.

New Degrassi Takes Manhattan Synopsis

CTV released their summer schedule in a press release yesterday. It included information about season 9, continuing May 30th on CTV. It also included this new synopsis for Degrassi Takes Manhattan:

CTV Original Movie D:NYC – Degrassi Takes Manhattan – NEW MOVIE
DEGRASSI concludes its summer run on CTV with an all-new two-hour movie featuring original songs and celebrity cameos. DEGRASSI grads and friends dive into the summer that will change their lives forever. And what’s summer without a little romance – or a wedding… Best friends Jane and Holly J head to New York City, with big hopes and even bigger dreams. Jane’s dream to front a hot indie band collides with a love she never saw coming. Meanwhile, Holly J’s determined to make her mark as a TVM intern in Times Square, and settle into her role as Park Avenue Princess with New Yorker boyfriend Declan at her side. Back in Toronto, Spinner’s summer is hotter than he ever anticipated and with friends Jay, Manny and Emma in town – there’s never a dull moment. When Spinner’s hopes for the future turn to dust – he needs to learn how to rebuild and move on.


915/916 HQ Images

Finally CTV has posted super HQ promotional images for 915/916. And the lovely Joa has retrieved them for us as always! Click the thumbnails to check them out. If you’re wondering why it has taken so long (915/916 has premiered on TeenNick and Much Music already), “Why Can’t This Be Love Part 1 & 2″ is set to air on CTV next Sunday, May 30th at 7pm.

Last Half of Season 9 on Much Music

Schedules are up, and it looks like the last half of season 9 will continue on Much Music starting next week. Much is set to begin airing Degrassi again on Monday May 10th at 9pm ET. Of course, the question still was whether or not CTV would premiere the episode on Sunday May 9th, the way that they have in the past. A quick look at CTV’s schedule shows that Degrassi is not scheduled to air that week. Instead, CTV is airing Human Target in Degrassi’s old Sunday at 7 timeslot.

So it definitely looks like Degrassi will be airing exclusively on Much Music from now on. This is not only for season 10, but for the last unaired episodes of season 9 as well.

Degrassi Returning to Canada Next Month?

According to Cable TV Talk, new episodes of Degrassi will be resuming in Canada next month. Episode 915 (“Why Can’t This Be Love”) is scheduled to air Monday, May 10th at 9pm on Much Music. As of right now, CTV’s schedule only goes until May 8th, so it’s unclear as to whether CTV will also be airing new episodes. But I’ll keep you posted! It will be nice to have Degrassi back for the Canadians.

Degrassi Moves From CTV to Much Music

Aaaand it’s official. There has been lots of speculation that this might happen for a while. Now we know for sure. Much Music announced today that Degrassi will be moving exclusively to Much Music this summer. Much will most likely air season 10 at the exact same time as TeenNick several days per week with this new “telenovela” format. Much will also be airing the Degrassi Takes Manhattan TV movie and they promise “tons of original online content.” Read all the info at Much Music’s official blog.

Scheduling Update

Skins is returning this week, Lost is returning next, but the question we all want to know is when will Degrassi be back???

As you all know, TeenNick will be airing “Waiting for a Girl Like You” and “Somebody” back-to-back on Friday Feb. 5th in a special called Love Games (Lady GaGa anyone?). But when will Degrassi be returning to CTV? And will TeenNick continue to air new episodes later next month?

According to TeenNick’s schedule, as of right now these are the only 2 new episodes to air in the month of February. On the CTV side of things, it doesn’t look like new episodes will start back up until at least the conclusion of the Winter Olympics. That is all we know about season 9 at this point.

However, Stefan has been tweeting some interesting information about season 10 lately. A while ago he said that season 10 will begin airing in the summer. We know already that shooting is set to begin this March. More recently he said: “For season 10 both networks are really gonna try keeping new Degrassi’s same day – same date!” So will both CTV and TeenNick be premiering season 10 in the summer? We will have to wait and see. There is also the New York Degrassi movie that has yet to air. Whatever the case, I’ll keep you posted!

Christmas + Degrassi Goes Hollywood

This holiday season, CTV is re-airing Degrassi Goes Hollywood in primetime! Spend Christmas with Manny, Paige, and the rest of the gang as they hang out in sunny California while all of you Canadians freeze in crazy snowstorms. Perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, don’t you think? Degrassi Goes Hollywood will air on Monday, Dec. 21st at 8pm on CTV. Let’s all hope that CTV airs a new promo for the new episodes of season 9 set to air next year. I’ll be on the lookout!