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Review: Linda Schuyler’s Memoir is a Must Read for Degrassi Fans

In the opening chapter of Linda Schuyler’s book The Mother of All Degrassi, she recalls how she was bullied as a child for being a British immigrant to Canada. She says she was told to “go back to where you came from,” and taunted with the phrase “Hey Brit girl. Yes, you, shit girl” by kids at school.

Given the fact that Degrassi has long been known for standing up against bullying and celebrating all forms of diversity, it is a poignant introduction to the woman who created the franchise we all know and love. Linda is quite literally the “mother” of Degrassi, and her new memoir peels back the curtain on some of her personal experiences that shaped this 40+ year old franchise.

I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy, and I can say with confidence that this book is a must-read for Degrassi fans, particularly those who are interested its decades-long history. Unlike Stephen Stohn’s memoir Whatever It Takes (which focused on his career as an entertainment lawyer beyond just Degrassi), Linda’s book is almost exclusively about Degrassi. She calls Degrassi her “life’s work and passion,” and that passion is evident on every page.

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Linda Schuyler Launches Digital Series to Promote Memoir

Promotion for Linda Schuyler’s upcoming memoir The Mother of All Degrassi has officially kicked off!

Today it was announced that Linda is doing a 10-part series for social media in partnership with Degrassi superfan Jocelyn Claybourne. The series appears to be a tour of places in Toronto that have some kind of significance to Degrassi. Along the way, Linda will share her memories with Jocelyn and give us a sneak peek into some of the stories we will get to read in her book. Based on the trailer that was posted today, we know that these locations include Centennial College (where Degrassi High was filmed), the real De Grassi St., Linda and Stephen’s old house, and the building that was previously the Degrassi: The Next Generation set.

You can watch the series on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (dedicated accounts have been created to promote the book on each platform). Episodes will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday starting on October 4. The Mother of All Degrassi will then be released on November 15.

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Stephen Stohn releases podcast, audiobook version of Memoir

It was a big day for Stephen Stohn as the audiobook and companion podcast to his memoir Whatever It Takes was finally released.

The audiobook is narrated by Stephen himself along with his co-author Christopher Ward. It is available on all the usual audiobook platforms (e.g. Audible, etc). If you haven’t gotten around to buying a physical copy of the book, this is a great alternative.

The podcast also features the voices of Stephen and Christopher. It includes excerpts from Whatever It Takes as well as additional commentary. The first episode focuses on the chapter in Whatever It Takes about the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode “Time Stands Still.” Even though I read this chapter back when Whatever It Takes was first released, I really enjoyed listening to Stephen and Christopher recap how the “Time Stands Still” episode came to be. There isn’t a ton of new information, but it’s still definitely a worthwhile listen.

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Linda Schuyler’s Book Now Available for Pre-Order; Will be Released on November 15

We now have the release date and cover art for Linda Schuyler’s memoir! The title has also been slightly altered.

Last year we learned that Degrassi Co-Creator and Executive Producer Linda Schuyler was writing a memoir that would come out sometime this year. At the time it was titled The Degrassi Matriach. Now the title has been changed to The Mother of All Degrassi: A Memoir.

The book will be released on November 15, 2022, and is now available for pre-order at most major book retailers in North America including Amazon. You can also see the tentative cover art which features a photo of Linda from the ‘Classic’ Degrassi era.

The Amazon listing also reveals that the book will be 275 pages long and will be available in Hardcover format. There is also an excerpt from the Introduction of the book in which Linda speaks about some talks she gave at Wilfrid Laurier University in January 2020.

Personally I’m almost as excited for this book as I am for the HBO Max Degrassi reboot series! It will definitely be a must-read for all Degrassi fans.

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Linda Schuyler’s Book “Degrassi Matriarch” to be Released in 2022

For years we’ve been hearing rumours that Degrassi co-creator Linda Schuyler is writing a book, and today we finally got the official confirmation!

As announced by Stephen Stohn on Twitter, Linda’s book is titled Degrassi Matriarch, and will be released sometime in the Fall of 2022. It’s being published by Canadian indie book publisher ECW Press. The book will chronicle Linda’s 40-year career as Creator and Executive Producer of Degrassi. It includes her own personal story as well as anecdotes about several of Degrassi’s celebrity cast/guest stars including Drake, Kevin Smith, Chaz Bono and more.

I’m expecting this book to be similar to Stephen Stohn’s book Whatever It Takes. But based on the initial information we have, it sounds like it might be more focused specifically on Degrassi as opposed to being a memoir about her life in general. Either way, this is very exciting news! As someone who is interested in the history of Degrassi, I have been hoping for a book from Linda for years. I can’t wait to learn more about her story.

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Degrassi Nostalgia: The 2005 – 2006 Degrassi Student Planner

Recently I was going through some old books and I came across my copy of the Degrassi agenda (AKA the Degrassi 2005-2006 18-Month Student Planner).

This agenda was released in Canada in 2005. I don’t know if it was ever released in the US. I remember it came out around the same time as the Degrassi Generations: The Official 411 book.

I purchased this agenda at a bookstore when I was 16 years old on August 25, 2005. I know it was this exact date because I found an old Livejournal entry that I made when I bought it.

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Degrassi Books To Read During Quarantine

Did you know that there are a number of Degrassi-related books available? Degrassi may be a television series, but if you want to step away from a screen and read about Degrassi you can do this too. Here is a list of my favourite Degrassi books and how you can find them in 2021.

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