Season 9 DVD Released Today!

Degrassi season 9 is now available on DVD! You can order the DVD set at Amazon right now. The DVD includes every season 9 episode + Degrassi Takes Manhattan. Special features include bloopers, deleted scenes, minis, and music videos!

915/916 HQ Images

Finally CTV has posted super HQ promotional images for 915/916. And the lovely Joa has retrieved them for us as always! Click the thumbnails to check them out. If you’re wondering why it has taken so long (915/916 has premiered on TeenNick and Much Music already), “Why Can’t This Be Love Part 1 & 2″ is set to air on CTV next Sunday, May 30th at 7pm.

“Keep On Loving You” Screencaps

Well this is it. The last episode of season 9 (not including the movie of course). Check out the screencaps of Holly J & Declan’s gorgeousness in our gallery!

“In Your Eyes” Screencaps

I hope you guys loved this episode as much as I did! Here are some screencaps in our gallery. Click the thumbnails for more.

Next Week on TeenNick

Next week is the last episode before Degrassi Takes Manhattan. Thanks to ACES as always.

Season 9 DVD Release Info

Season 9 of Degrassi is to be released on DVD this summer, and we now have the cover art! According to the distributer, the DVD special features include bloopers, deleted scenes, minis, and music videos. The DVD is expected to be released on July 20th, but there is no Amazon link to pre-order yet.

The synopsis of the DVD also includes this new summary of Degrassi Takes Manhattan:
Degrassi Takes Manhattan Best friends and Degrassi grads Holly J and Jane head to NYC filled with hopes and dreams—Jane’s to front an indie band—Holly J’s to shine as a TVM intern in Times Square with Declan at her side. But along the way, they’ll have to deal with unexpected love and Fiona’s insecurities. Pool parties, Park Avenue, a race home to break up an unlikely wedding. Degrassi Takes Manhattan and lives change forever!
Sounds interesting! We can’t wait.

EDIT: There is an Amazon link now! Click here!

“Innocent When You Dream” Screencaps

Here are 100+ screencaps from last night’s new episode “Innocent When You Dream.” Enjoy the Declan vampire-ness!

Next Week on TeenNick

Riley episode next week! I can’t wait.

Degrassi Takes Manhattan Canadian Premiere Date

Thanks to Stephen Stohn on Twitter, we now know the Canadian premiere date for Degrassi Takes Manhattan! Stephen tweeted that it will premiere on Friday, July 16th on Much Music. A few days later, on Monday, July 19th, season 10 will premiere (also on Much Music)! Stephen also confirmed that the last few episodes of season 9 will continue starting THIS Monday on Much.

No word yet on the exact Degrassi Takes Manhattan & season 10 premiere date for TeenNick. But we are expecting it to be air around the same time. For now check out TeenNick’s Preview from the movie.

Last Half of Season 9 on Much Music

Schedules are up, and it looks like the last half of season 9 will continue on Much Music starting next week. Much is set to begin airing Degrassi again on Monday May 10th at 9pm ET. Of course, the question still was whether or not CTV would premiere the episode on Sunday May 9th, the way that they have in the past. A quick look at CTV’s schedule shows that Degrassi is not scheduled to air that week. Instead, CTV is airing Human Target in Degrassi’s old Sunday at 7 timeslot.

So it definitely looks like Degrassi will be airing exclusively on Much Music from now on. This is not only for season 10, but for the last unaired episodes of season 9 as well.