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Welcome Home Degrassi Cast Members!

Several Degrassi cast members are arriving home in Toronto tonight after what looks like an exciting trip to Ghana!

The cast was in Ghana for their annual Free The Children trip. They were there to help build a school and interact with the community. In previous years, Degrassi cast members have traveled to Kenya, Ecuador, India, and Haiti. Each year there has been a half-hour documentary promoting Free the Children and documenting the cast’s adventures. While we have not heard about a Ghana documentary yet, I am hopeful that we will soon. And with the cast back in Toronto, we will likely be getting pictures from the trip over the next few days.

Degrassi has supported Free The Children for many years now. FTC founder Craig Kielburger even made a cameo appearance in season 7. For several years, Degrassi cast members have also appeared at FTC’s annual We Day event. They have not been officially announced for We Day this year yet, but I think it’s safe to say that we will probably see a few of them there. Check out our exclusive report from We Day in Toronto last year!

For more information on Free The Children, visit OR follow @freethechildren & @RealMeToWe on Twitter!

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Degrassi Merchandise: Back to School with the Degrassi Letterman Hoodie

September is right around the corner, and school is about to be back in session. I know I wish I was heading back to Degrassi Community School this fall. Imagine cheering on Owen, Connor and the rest of the team at a Panthers game?!

It may not be possible for me to attend Degrassi, but it is possible for me to show my Panther pride. From the Spirit Sqaud to the Power Squad, Paige Michalchuk to Marisol Lewis, school spirit has come a long way, and has always been a big part of Degrassi. Whether it is the Power Squad cheering on the football team, or students cheering on their fellow classmates at Robot Wars, Degrassi students take pride in their school. A great way to show your Panther pride despite not being able to cheer on fellow Degrassians, is to sport some serious Panther merchandise. I’m most ecstatic about my Degrassi Letterman Hoodie, pictured below.

Although I wear my Degrassi Letterman Hoodie all year round, it’s an absolute staple in my fall wardrobe. Heading back to school wearing my blue and gold hoodie makes me even more excited to return to the halls of my own “Degrassi.” Having this great piece of merchandise gives me such a sense of Panther pride!

The Degrassi Store offers this hoodie along with so much more to add to your Degrassi wardrobe! What better way to get through the hiatus than showing your Panther pride while getting back in to the swing of school? From Spirit Squad shirts, to Degrassi Drama, the Degrassi Store has something for you!

Written by a very fashionable Degrassian – Sam!

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Screencaps: Sabotage & Scream

It is hard to believe that another Degrassi summer season has come and gone. The last 4 episodes last week had a lot of people talking. From Clare’s sexual harassment storyline to the Romeo & Jules play, there was a lot of drama as usual!

Check out the screencaps from finale week, which are now available in our gallery. You can view images from Sabotage Part 1 & 2 and Scream Part 1 & 2.

New episodes of Degrassi return October 12th on Much Music and TeenNick!

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Degrassi Co-Creator Linda Schuyler on Degrassi’s Emmy Nomination

In honour of Degrassi’s 2012 Emmy Nomination, Degrassi co-creator and executive producer Linda Schuyler recently did an interview with Gold Derby.

In the interview (which includes a 17 minute video), Linda discusses how Degrassi has been influenced by her years as a junior high school teacher. She also talks about Degrassi’s mission and what the series is known for, such as its fearlessness and issue-based storylines.

Obviously one storyline and character in particular is getting a lot of attention. Degrassi’s portrayal of a transgender teenager is definitely a television ‘first,’ and it has already won Degrassi a Peabody Award. This is obviously a source of pride for the producers of Degrassi (as it should be!). In this interview, Linda explained: “When we received that award they said to us, ‘Degrassi neither trivialized nor over-sensationalized the issue,’ and … that’s what we aim for.”

Make sure you watch the entire video interview with Linda on It is very interesting for all past and present Degrassians!

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul Part 3

It’s been an amazing summer season! Tonight we are bringing you the last of our exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi.

In the third part of our interview with Aislinn Paul, we asked where she would be in 10 years as well as the one song she would listen to for the rest of her life.

I hope everybody has enjoyed our summer of Degrassi interviews! Remember to watch Degrassi on Much Music this October.

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Degrassi Merchandise: ‘Degrassi Drama’ T-Shirt Now Available

Do you ever secretly wish that you went to Degrassi?

Despite the fact that most kids who go to Degrassi are lucky to get out alive, I can’t help but wish I could be best friends with Imogen or sitting in detention with Bianca. I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to visit the set a couple of times, and it is a surreal experience. As a longtime fan of the show, seeing Degrassi Community School in person and walking down the halls is almost like falling into the Degrassi world.

Most of the time, I think about who I would be and where I would fit in at the school. Would I be on student council? The academic quiz team? The Power Squad? There are so many possibilities.

Degrassi’s (many) clubs are an integral part of the show. Over the years we’ve seen the Degrassi Archery Club, the Grapevine, the Friendship Club, as well as countless sports teams and after school activities. In recent years, however, it’s the Degrassi Drama Club that has taken the spotlight. How much would you like to be co-directing Romeo and Jules with Eli Goldsworthy by your side? The Degrassi Drama Club has had plenty of ‘drama’ over the past couple of seasons, both on stage and off. That’s what has made it so compelling.

Lucky for me, I do have a little piece of Degrassi Drama in my wardrobe. The Degrassi Drama t-shirt (worn by Clare and Eli above) is currently for sale in the Degrassi Store!

Often the first thing people say when they see me wearing this t-shirt is “you watch Degrassi?” Umm… yeah. I do a little more than watch it. But it’s definitely a conversation starter and a great way to meet other fans!

Earlier this summer, I was hanging out with Kary (who you all know from Degrassi Blog) outside of a Toronto subway station. Kary was decked out in his own Degrassi Drama t-shirt as we were about to visit various Degrassi landmarks throughout the city. All of the sudden, the one and only Aislinn Paul (aka Clare Edwards on Degrassi) walked right by us. She instantly recognized Kary thanks to the t-shirt, and we had a little conversation with her.

So if you plan on running into Aislinn Paul anytime soon, or you just want to pretend to be Clare Edwards for a day, the Degrassi Drama t-shirt is only $19.99 if you buy it from the Degrassi Store. It may not buy you a ticket to Degrassi Community School, but you can show off your Degrassi pride to the world!

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul on Free The Children

This summer several Degrassi cast members are going to Ghana for another Free The Children trip!

In part 2 of our interview with Aislinn Paul, we asked her about her involvement with Free the Children. Aislinn explained the work that Free The Children does, as well as the positivity that FTC brings to kids who are helping the organization.

This Friday we will post the last of our Degrassi summer interviews!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Screencaps: Rusty Cage & Never Ever

It was an emotional week in the Degrassi fandom, with KC leaving the show, Cam dealing with the hockey team, and Imogen finding out that her father has a form of dementia.

Check out this week’s greatest moments in our gallery. Screencaps for both Rusty Cage and Never Ever are now available!

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Degrassi Talks Episode 24: Goodbye KC Guthrie

Degrassi Talks is a Degrassi fan podcast hosted by myself, Bianca, Ashley, and our newest podcaster Sam! In this episode, we discuss KC’s dramatic and shocking departure from Degrassi. We share our favourite KC moments throughout the years, and give our thoughts about how his storyline ended. To listen to the podcast, you can listen or download it on SoundCloud! OR you can subscribe to us on iTunes!!

Episode 24: August 10, 2012

  • Our emotional reactions to KC leaving Degrassi
  • We all have mixed feelings on how KC’s storyline ended
  • Unlike other Degrassi characters, KC at least got closure. Was it worth it?
  • We discuss how KC has changed and grown up over the years
  • The fan reaction to this storyline has been very emotional. Are we surprised?
  • Perhaps KC was one of those characters we appreciate more once he’s gone
  • We share our favourite moments meeting Sam Earle in real life!
  • What is our favourite KC moment ever on Degrassi?
  • Next week: Degrassi’s dramatic summer finale!

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul Part 1

Next week it looks like Clare Edwards will be stealing the spotlight, with Aislinn Paul giving a dramatic and heartfelt performance according to various sources. We could not be more excited!

Today we are bringing you the first part of our interview with Aislinn from the season 12 premiere earlier this summer. In the interview, we asked Aislinn about the first time she gave her autograph to someone as well as her most memorable fan experience. Her answer may surprise you!

Check back on Monday when we will post the 2nd part of our interview with Aislinn in anticipation for finale week!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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TV Guide Teases Degrassi Finale

Degrassi is to be featured in an upcoming issue of TV Guide, and the article contains some interesting spoilers about the finale.

As expected, it looks like the season 12 summer finale will center around the production of Romeo and Jules. In addition to storylines about Clare, TV Guide hints at an interesting Tristan storyline we may be seeing:

Another twist comes when one of the ‘Romeo and Jules’ leading men, openly gay freshman Tristan (Lyle O’Donohoe), can’t be found after he accepts and intriguing invitation from a secret admirer. Stohn compares tonight’s finale to iconic Degrassi episodes from the past, including the shooting of Jimmy Brooks and the death of J.T. “The way it all comes together makes it a special episode people will remember,” says Stohn. “I cried at the end of it.” Whether those were tears of joy or sadness remains to be seen.

Interesting! Degrassi has posted scans from the article on their official Tumblr blog. Check it out!

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Sam Earle Says Goodbye to Degrassi

Over the years, Degrassi has had many characters leave the show for various reasons. Whether their characters graduated or just simply disappeared into the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle, saying goodbye to Degrassi cast members is not a unusual occurrence.

However, last night emotions were running high when KC Guthrie made a surprise departure from the show. In an emotional and surprising storyline, KC decides to move to Vancouver to protect himself and his mother from his father who was recently released from jail. Kudos to Degrassi for keeping this a secret, because I think it took a lot of fans by surprise.

Despite the fact that most people are sad to see KC go, it seems like a lot of people respect the decision and loved the storyline. Sam Earle being one of them.

After the episode aired last night, Sam tweeted that it was the writers’ decision, but “one that I totally respect and understand.” He also expressed thanks to the cast and crew of Degrassi, as well as the show’s fans:

Thank you for all your support and shenanigans. Degrassi was a fantastic, integral part of my life, and it has the best fanbase in the world … Fun fact: Stefan came to set from the hospital with a leaking appendix to film that scene. Actually amazing lmao, so much love! … Thank you guys for all the amazing messages! I’m blown away by the copious amounts of love you are all showering down upon me. … I wish we could all have a gigantic going-away dance party concert thing somewhere in a giant field at sundown. … Actually though. Nothing but love for all you awesome people! … But like also eff that x100 because working on the show was an amazing time.” – @Smearle_RH

Sam joined the cast of Degrassi in season 8 as one of the original ‘niner’ characters of the new generation. Throughout his 5 seasons on the show, his character has dealt with an abusive basketball coach, teen pregnancy, adoption, and family issues that ultimately led him to become the grown up, mature, compassionate person you saw in last night’s episode. He will be missed!

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Exclusive Interview: Lyle O’Donohoe Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Lyle O’Donohoe AKA Tristan Milligan on Degrassi!

In this interview, we talked to Lyle about his life on Degrassi. We asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t acting, why he loves being an actor, and also where he sees himself in 10 years. Lyle told us “I think there’s some people that just – they can’t do anything else but act. And that’s kind of me.” You can tell he is very passionate about Degrassi and Tristan!

Our next interview will be posted this Friday, and it will be with the one and only Aislinn Paul! Can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Screencaps: Closer to Free & Waterfalls

What a week! Workplace harassment, victim blaming, religion, romance… last week’s episodes touched on a lot of major issues that extend far beyond high school!

Relive the episodes by checking out the screencaps from Closer to Free and Waterfalls in our gallery! PS Sorry it took me so long to post this week /longweekendproblems.

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Exclusive Interview: Lyle O’Donohoe Part 1

This week we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Lyle O’Donohoe AKA everybody’s favourite character, Tristan.

In the interview, we asked Lyle if he was a fan of Degrassi before he started working on the show (he was), and we talked to him about his Degrassi audition. Lyle also teased some upcoming Tristan storylines, saying: “There is a storyline that you will see in the second part of season 12. Something that I actually wanted for my character from the beginning that you’ll get to see. It’s a very serious issue that people deal with in high school and all ages. I’m really glad I got to tackle that storyline.

Sounds exciting!! The second part of our interview with Lyle will be posted this Monday!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Season 11 Part 2 DVD Information

The Degrassi Season 11 Part 1 DVD was released only a few months ago, but today we have information on when we can get our hands on Season 11 Part 2!

According to a listing on Amazon, Degrassi Season 11 Part 2 “New Beginnings” will be released on October 16, 2012!

The price is listed at $19.99, but if you buy from Amazon, you can get it for only $13.99! It is available for pre-order right now.

Unfortunately, Amazon has not added information about the special features or DVD cover art yet, but keep an eye out and hopefully we will get that soon!

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Exclusive Interview: Shanice Banton & Jacob Neayem Part 2

I hope everyone is enjoying our interviews with the cast so far! It was so great to get the chance to chat with them!

In part 2 of our interview with Degrassi’s Shanice Banton (Marisol) and Jacob Neayem (Mo), we asked the duo what it means to be a part of Degrassi as well as their first day on set.

Check back on Friday when we will have yet another interview with a very special Degrassi cast member.

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