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Are YOU the Next Degrassi Designer?!

Degrassi Online has partnered with Brüzer for an exciting new competition that gives YOU, THE FANS, the ability to have a say in the Degrassi merchandise. Do you share a passion for fashion with Fiona Coyne? Are you creative and artistic like Imogen? Or are you just passionate about all things Degrassi like we are?!

We’re on the look-out for someone to help design a brand new Degrassi product to be featured in the official Degrassi online store, powered and sponsored by Brüzer. This is your chance to create something that could become a part of the Degrassi legacy!

The winning design submission will inspire a new product, which will be added to the Degrassi online store powered by Brüzer. The winner will also receive a coupon for CAD$150 to spend in the official Degrassi on-line store. The Runner-up will receive a coupon of CAD$50 to spend in the official Degrassi on-line store.

It’s really easy too! Just use the form below and submit your design for consideration. You must submit a written description of your design idea, and you also have the option to attach an image of what your design might look like. You don’t have to be a great artist… we’ll help with that part. Check out the Degrassi online store to see what merchandise is already offered. Is there anything you think the Degrassi store is missing? What you would like to see? Be creative!

Submit your design ideas by November 12, 2012 at 11:00 p.m. ET. All submissions will then be reviewed by the contest officiators, who will choose the top designs. Our officiators will be judging submissions on criteria including: creativity, originality, practicality, marketability, and relevance to Degrassi. We want to see designs that would appeal to ALL Degrassi fans. We’re looking for the WOW factor; something that hasn’t been produced by the Degrassi online store before. The top designs will then be posted as finalists, and you will have the opportunity to vote, giving all Degrassians their say on the top designs! The winning design and a runner-up design will be chosen by our officiators in their discretion, based on the judging criteria (Degrassians’ voting may influence the officiators’ decisions, but will not determine the winning or runner-up design). Voting will commence on November 19, 2012, and you will have until November 26, 2012 to vote for your favourite.


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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul Part 3

It’s been an amazing summer season! Tonight we are bringing you the last of our exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi.

In the third part of our interview with Aislinn Paul, we asked where she would be in 10 years as well as the one song she would listen to for the rest of her life.

I hope everybody has enjoyed our summer of Degrassi interviews! Remember to watch Degrassi on Much Music this October.

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul on Free The Children

This summer several Degrassi cast members are going to Ghana for another Free The Children trip!

In part 2 of our interview with Aislinn Paul, we asked her about her involvement with Free the Children. Aislinn explained the work that Free The Children does, as well as the positivity that FTC brings to kids who are helping the organization.

This Friday we will post the last of our Degrassi summer interviews!

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul Part 1

Next week it looks like Clare Edwards will be stealing the spotlight, with Aislinn Paul giving a dramatic and heartfelt performance according to various sources. We could not be more excited!

Today we are bringing you the first part of our interview with Aislinn from the season 12 premiere earlier this summer. In the interview, we asked Aislinn about the first time she gave her autograph to someone as well as her most memorable fan experience. Her answer may surprise you!

Check back on Monday when we will post the 2nd part of our interview with Aislinn in anticipation for finale week!

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Exclusive Interview: Lyle O’Donohoe Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Lyle O’Donohoe AKA Tristan Milligan on Degrassi!

In this interview, we talked to Lyle about his life on Degrassi. We asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t acting, why he loves being an actor, and also where he sees himself in 10 years. Lyle told us “I think there’s some people that just – they can’t do anything else but act. And that’s kind of me.” You can tell he is very passionate about Degrassi and Tristan!

Our next interview will be posted this Friday, and it will be with the one and only Aislinn Paul! Can’t wait for you guys to see it.

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Exclusive Interview: Lyle O’Donohoe Part 1

This week we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Lyle O’Donohoe AKA everybody’s favourite character, Tristan.

In the interview, we asked Lyle if he was a fan of Degrassi before he started working on the show (he was), and we talked to him about his Degrassi audition. Lyle also teased some upcoming Tristan storylines, saying: “There is a storyline that you will see in the second part of season 12. Something that I actually wanted for my character from the beginning that you’ll get to see. It’s a very serious issue that people deal with in high school and all ages. I’m really glad I got to tackle that storyline.

Sounds exciting!! The second part of our interview with Lyle will be posted this Monday!

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Exclusive Interview: Shanice Banton & Jacob Neayem Part 2

I hope everyone is enjoying our interviews with the cast so far! It was so great to get the chance to chat with them!

In part 2 of our interview with Degrassi’s Shanice Banton (Marisol) and Jacob Neayem (Mo), we asked the duo what it means to be a part of Degrassi as well as their first day on set.

Check back on Friday when we will have yet another interview with a very special Degrassi cast member.

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Exclusive Interview: Shanice Banton and Jacob Neayem Part 1!

It’s Friday, so of course we have another exclusive interview with the cast of Degrassi!

This week we are posting interviews with Shanice Banton and Jacob Neayem, better known as Degrassi’s new power couple, Marisol and Mo. In this interview, we asked Shanice and Jacob how they started acting and why they love it so much!

On Monday we will have the 2nd part of this interview to share with all of you.

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Exclusive Interview: Chloe Rose, Sam Earle and Annie Clark Part 2!

Degrassi Online continues to bring you exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi!

Today we have the 2nd part of our interview with Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark. Continuing from our discussion in part 1 of the interview, we asked the Degrassi stars about the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen about themselves on the internet and their summer plans.

Check back this Friday when we post another interview with the cast of Degrassi!

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Exclusive Interview: Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark!

Throughout the summer season, Degrassi Online will be bringing you exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi. We will be posting 2 new interviews per week (every Monday and Friday).

This week we have an interview with Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark who we were fortunate enough to talk to at the season 12 premiere. In the first part of the interview, Chloe, Sam and Annie talk about how much they know about the Degrassi fandom and how often they search themselves on Tumblr!

Check back on Monday when we will post the 2nd part of this interview. What is the weirdest thing Chloe, Sam and Annie have seen about themselves on the internet? Yes, they do in fact answer this question!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Exclusive: Degrassi Season 12 Premiere

What a night! (No Degrassi High pun intended)

Degrassi’s annual premiere party took place at Much Music HQ in Toronto last night, and the event did not disappoint! Hundreds of fans showed up to meet their favourite Degrassi cast members and watch the season premiere on a big screen in the parking lot. They lined up for hours in the hot weather to be first to catch a glimpse of the Degrassi stars.

The premiere party got underway at 6pm with a special episode of New Music Live. Various cast members were interviewed by Much Music VJ’s around the parking lot, and they talked a lot about the juicy storylines that we are all looking forward to this season! Additionally, a few fans were asked to share their stories about how the characters on Degrassi have inspired them and changed their lives. It was so rewarding to hear about the impact that the show has on its young audience.

After NML, the cast took pictures with fans at a special photo wall and also signed autographs at the nearby Virgin Mobile store. A special live stream was set up on so that Degrassians who were not able to attend the event could watch all of the excitement from home. I was also lucky enough to interview a few Degrassi cast members, and those exclusive clips will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Ever wonder how often the cast searches themselves on Tumblr? Keep checking Degrassi Online to find out!

The night ended with a screening of the season premiere in the Much Music parking lot. Fans brought lawn chairs and blankets and watched the episode together. It’s always so exciting to watch Degrassi with a group of people who are going to gasp and cheer at every moment. I have so much love for our Degrassi community!

Throughout the evening, I took lots of pictures of our gorgeous cast as well as a few enthusiastic fans. You can view them all in our gallery!

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Degrassi Bloggers Visit the Set of Degrassi

Yesterday I, along with 4 other Degrassi bloggers, were lucky enough to get the chance to visit the set of Degrassi in Toronto. We were there to meet the producers/actors/writers/crew/etc. and get an inside look at the production side of the show. I was there with Kary from Degrassi Blog, Alex and Taylor from Degrassi Experience, and my fellow blogger and Degrassi Talks co-host, Ashley. I think I can speak for all 5 of us when I say that we had an amazing time! We were so lucky to be able to have this experience. Degrassi is very open to working with the fans and bloggers. It is obvious that they are so passionate about the show, because we love it so much. I’ve never met such an open and welcoming group of people.

I will have lots of behind the scenes details to share throughout the summer season, but in the meantime, here are some interesting details about our visit.

Read More

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Pictures: Degrassi Bloggers Visit the Set

Yesterday, myself along with Kary from Degrassi Blog, Alex and Taylor from Degrassi Experience and Degrassi Online’s own Ashley were lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the set of Degrassi! My exclusive report from the set of Degrassi season 12 will be posted shortly. In the meantime, check out some of the pictures I took throughout the day. You can find them all in this album in our gallery.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the Degrassi Online Twitter for updates that we tweeted throughout the day!

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Degrassi Online Visits Much Music!

Last night for the season premiere, Ashley and myself were given the opportunity to hang out at the Much Music studio while they were filming the live hits. We got to meet Aislinn, Cristine, and Lauren Toyota as well as watch the episode live with them. We also got to watch them film the live hits during the commercial breaks.

It was so much fun to meet everybody! They were just as nice as you would expect. Aislinn and Cristine are definitely Degrassi fans in their own right! Ashley and I will tell you all about it in next week’s episode of Degrassi Talks (stay tuned)!

I was lucky enough to be able to take a few pictures while they were filming. Check them out in our gallery!

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“Party With Degrassi” Screening and M&G – Montclair, NJ – 2/18/12

Hey all! Degrassi Dish aka Bianca here reporting exclusively for Degrassi Online on the FABULOUS “Party With Degrassi” event at Montclair, New Jersey. Being a person who is NO stranger to TeenNick (or The-N for you old-schoolers), I knew right off the bat that an event like this was going to blow my expectations out of the water and it truly did just that.

I was lucky enough to snag a few VIP passes through my job who deals directly with Nickelodeon and TeenNick. This meant no crowds, no lines, and an exclusive meet and greet with the cast before the screen and Q&A. When we arrived we were directed to our parking spot right outside of the theater. We came close to hitting a few fangirls (SORRY!) as the line was right along the sidewalk where we parked. Inside the theater was DECKED out to the NINES. They had various booths where you could create your own Degrassi-ified t-shirts, spin a wheel to win prizes, and a digital green screen to take pictures. They had free popcorn, pretzels, candy and even “mocktails” named after your favorite Degrassi character – I tried the “Eclare on the Rocks”myself.

After taking the entire theater in and it was time to wait on line to meet the cast. We were second in line behind another VIP via Nickelodeon and in front of the Radio Winners who were needless to say enthusiastic! That’s where I met Shanene who is Mindy’s new best friend. 🙂 We were taken backstage and THERE they WERE, sitting in a row ready to do some meeting and greeting. After I had a mini-heart attack it was my turn to meet them and let me tell you they were some of the SWEETEST most down to EARTH people you have ever met. Usually I’m a complete wreck when meeting celebrities, and yes I’ll admit I was nervous, but when you’re greeted with such kindness that type of nervousness just goes away and normal conversation goes on. Luckily since I was one of the first to meet them I had a bit of extra time to chat. Told them how much I love the show and how much their work is so appreciated. The best part was that I had time to explain to them who I was and the twitter I run as well as Erin’s new site re-launch of What blew my mind was that they knew who I was and what Degrassi Talks was.

After meeting them we were taken to our seats where we waited for the show to start. Before the screening they brought out the cast for a little intro and then the show began. Opinions about the show.. let’s just say we’ll save that for a Degrassi Talks. After they brought back the cast out for Q&A. I will leave the video to explain how THAT went down. Just a few highlights: Blart, Lord of the Rings, Jahmil dancing, Munro “take off your pants”, and Mindy’s 20th birthday cake!

It was a great day and very reminiscent of the Ultimate Degrassi Party back in 2006 (holy moley 2006?!??!). We were just glad we could have been apart of it and very thankful for TeenNick for hosting such a well organized and free event for the fans. Goes to show how passionate the US fans are and that we are out there in VERY large numbers. I can’t WAIT to do it again.

Check out my 2 part video of the entire Q&A portion as well as all the pictures I took in the gallery!

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We Day 2011: Inspiration, Compassion, and Idealism

This is what a stadium full of 20,000 inspired young people looks like.

Today I had the privilege of attending We Day in Toronto, and as expected the annual event did not disappoint! The energy in the crowd was electric, the speakers were inspiring, and the performers were outstanding.

The message of the day was clear: be the change you want to see in the world. Learn how you can make a difference; whether it’s locally or internationally. In many ways, this is exactly what Degrassi stands for. More than anything, Degrassi is a show about acceptance and education. It’s about learning about the different issues that young people deal with and bringing understanding and compassion.

It was no surprise that almost the entire cast of Degrassi was in attendance. I spent most of my day in the press area with stars like Nelly Furtado and Kardinal Offishall. But I have heard that the cast was Degrassi was spotted around the venue by multiple fans. Munro Chambers and Aislinn Paul spoke to the audience about their recent trip to Haiti. You can watch a clip of their speech below. They also previewed scenes from Degrassi In Haiti, and it looks very emotional!

The highlight of the day was when Nelly Furtado announced that she was donating $1 million to Free The Children. It was so unexpected, and the audience went insane. It was very inspiring to see how committed she is to empowering girls and ensuring that girls around the world receive a proper education. I had the privilege of attending the press conference with Nelly Furtado and FTC founder Craig Kielburger later in the day. Check out video clips from that on our YouTube Channel!! I also have a few more videos to post, so keep checking for lots of amazing We Day coverage!!

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Next Week: Munro and Aislinn at We Day!

We Day 2011 is fast approaching, and this year it is going to be bigger and better than ever!!

Featuring our own Munro Chambers and Aislinn Paul, the Toronto lineup also includes Nelly Furtado, Joe Jonas, Rick Hansen, Patch Adams, City and Colour, as well as Degrassi alumnus Nina Dobrev who is co-hosting!

For those of you who don’t know, We Day is an annual event organized by Free The Children. Each year, young people from across Canada gather to kick off a year of social action. Motivated by powerful speakers and performers, young people will take what they learned at the event and make positive changes in their communities. We Day is the perfect example of how young people can create real and tangible change. In the 2010/2011 school year, We Day youth volunteered 1.7 million hours of their time and raised $5.4 million!!

Degrassi has been involved with We Day since they very beginning. This year is no exception. Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers will be speaking to the crowd. They will likely talk about their most recent trip to Haiti.

I’m also very happy to announce that I will also be in attendance!! Free The Children has offered me a media pass, so I will be backstage with my camera taking everything in!! Of course I will be live tweeting all day (@@Degrassifanscom), and I will also bring you a full report with exclusive pictures. It is going to be an amazing day!!

The Toronto event is on September 27th and takes place almost all day. For more information including video, behind the scenes, extras, and more, check out And don’t forget to ‘like’ We Day on Facebook to donate $1 to Free The Children!!

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Degrassi Season 11 Premiere: Pictures!

Monday night, Degrassi fans descended on Much Music HQ for the premiere of season 11. Fans lined up for 7 hours (myself included) to take pictures with the cast, and watch the premiere on the big screen in the parking lot. I have finally uploaded all of my pictures, which you guys can check out right here. As you can see, the cast looked stunning (as always), and it was a great event!

Ashley and I were two of the many fans who showed up at noon, and waited in the hot sun for hours. It’s always fun to meet new people in the line up, but the heat was a major problem this year. It was uncomfortable, and a lot of people were tired after a while. We were close to the front of the line to get pictures with the cast, but after that it was basically a free-for-all and they were just letting anybody wander in.

Throughout the night, the cast went on stage to do Q&A’s as well as Degrassi trivia. I was able to watch all of that right at the front, and it’s where most of these pictures come from. In comparison to last year’s premiere, there is no comparison. This year was bigger, more crowded, and with way more screaming. It’s amazing to see how much the show has grown in such a short amount of time.

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Exclusive Annie Clark Interview: Fashion, Fans, and Future Plans!

Love is in the air on Degrassi this season! Our favourite show returns this Friday Feb. 11th with an all new Valentines Day themed episode. Focusing on the popular Fiona/Adam relationship, “When Love Takes Over” follows Adam’s connection with Fiona and his discovery of her drinking habits. was recently about to talk to Fiona herself – Annie Clark! Here is our exclusive interview with Annie, who fills us in on her favourite Degrassi characters, her amazing style, and more!

We’ve heard that you are a huge fan of Degrassi, and that you watched the show before you were cast as Fiona. Do you have a favourite character or favourite Degrassi storyline?

Yes! I was a big fan of the show before. Craig and Ellie were always my favourite characters. I also loved the Rick – Jimmy storyline. I know it’s cliché but it really was one of the best storylines!

You’ve been playing Fiona for the past two years, and during that time she’s experienced a lot of ups and downs. Where do you see Fiona in the future? What do you think she will do after she graduates?

Hopefully in the future Fiona will settle down a bit, and stop seeking attention in all the wrong ways. I think after she graduates she will do something in fashion or move to Europe. Maybe editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia…

Read More >>>>

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CBC Meet & Greet With Stacey Farber

Today, Ashley & I decided to go to Toronto to meet Degrassi alumnus Stacey Farber! Stacey, along with her 18 To Life co-star Michael Seater, participated in a CBC meet & greet at the Fairview Mall.

It was a great day! Many 18 To Life fans turned up (and a few Degrassi fans as well). I asked Stacey to sign one of my Degrassi soundtracks. She and Michael spent a few minutes looking at all the old Degrassi pictures, pointing at Drake and remembering Stacey’s Degrassi days. They were both lovely to talk to, and Stacey looks as amazing as ever.

I took a few pictures from the event (mostly of Stacey). You can view them all in our photo gallery!