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Degrassi Cast Discuss Reboot in Toronto Star Article

After weeks without any news, Degrassi fans got a surprise this weekend when it was revealed that The Toronto Star was doing a 3-page feature on the cast’s reaction to the Degrassi reboot.

The article, which was in yesterday’s print version of the Saturday Star, includes interviews from Ephraim Ellis (Rick), producer and writer Aaron Martin, Alicia Dea Josipovic (Bianca), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Ana Golja (Zoe), Chloe Rose (Katie), Billy Parrott (Shane), co-creator and executive producer Linda Schuyler, Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), Cristine Prosperi (Imogen), Sara Waisglass (Frankie), Olivia Scriven (Maya), Aislinn Paul (Clare), Annie Clark (Fiona), Eric Osborne (Miles), and Melinda Shankar (Alli).

There is no new information about the reboot in this article, but it is very interesting to read the cast’s thoughts on it and what they hope to see, since most of them haven’t said much about it up to this point. The article was written by Murtz Jaffer, an entertainment writer and Degrassi fan who has interviewed the cast numerous times previously. Murtz also confirmed in his Instagram story that Stefan Brogren, Pat Mastroianni, Nina Dobrev, and Ricardo Hoyos were asked to participate in the piece but they declined.

You can read the article on The Star’s website, or check out scans from the print version below.

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My favourite moments from the Degrassi: TNG 20th Anniversary Panel

Yesterday I shared a recap of the main topics discussed at the ATX Television Festival’s Degrassi panel. But I also wanted to talk about my personal favourite moments from the event. I’ve selected 6 moments, for which you can read the direct quotes below. These are my favourite moments because they really get to the heart of Degrassi and I think they show how beautiful Degrassi is as a piece of Canadian culture.

1. Lauren and Stefan continuing the never-ending debate on the believability of Degrassi Goes Hollywood and Degrassi Takes Manhattan
Lauren: If it happened in “Degrassi Takes Manhattan” or “Degrassi Goes Hollywood,” it’s not canon. That’s what I said, right?
Stefan: Says you, says you. Those stories are full on Degrassi. They are moments in lives, they go crazy. I’m not saying that because I directed them. I’m just saying that people have moments like that, right. And they go crazy and come back, etc.

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Recapping the ATX Television Festival’s Degrassi: TNG 20th Anniversary Panel

It finally happened! Tonight the Degrassi cast and producers reunited for a panel at the ATX Television Festival. Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren, Aaron Martin, Jake Epstein, Aislinn Paul, Shane Kippel, Luke Bilyk, Lauren Collins, Munro Chambers, Daniel Clark, Andrea Lewis and Christina Schmidt were all in attendance at the pre-recorded panel. They spoke about a wide range of topics from their time on Degrassi, storylines that they loved, fan interactions over the years, and much more.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this panel. Seeing this group of people interact with each other again was so special. However, it was unfortunate that there wasn’t a lot of new information. As a super fan, I felt like I already knew most of what they talked about (I’m still waiting for the details on what happened when Next Class was cancelled!). However, there were definitely a few times when I was feeling the emotions, such as when Lauren said she wanted Degrassi to come back one day so her son would have something like it to watch.

Since this panel was behind a pay wall and also it was a one-time only event, I’ve tried to summarize the main points that they discussed below.

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Everything we know so far about the Degrassi: TNG Reunion at the ATX Television Festival

HUGE NEWS!! The producers and cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation will be participating in a panel at the Austin-based ATX Television Festival in June. Here is everything you need to know about the panel and how you can attend.

When is the panel?
The Degrassi panel will be on June 11, which is the first day of the Festival. It will be at 7:00pm CT (8:00pm EST). It is supposed to be 1 hour long. After it airs, it will be available until 2:00am CT the next day for festival goers (in case you’re not able to tune in live).

What is the Degrassi panel and who is participating?
The panel will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Degrassi: The Next Generation (TNG premiered in October 2001). It is presented by Tubi, which is one of the platforms where Degrassi: TNG is streaming.

As of now, the confirmed participants are Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren, Jake Epstein, Aislinn Paul, Shane Kippel, Luke Bilyk, Lauren Collins, Munro Chambers, Daniel Clark, Andrea Lewis and Christina Schmidt.

During the panel, the panelists will discuss storylines and moments from the series, behind the scenes stories, and more.

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Hangout with Aislinn Paul!

Degrassi had it’s first ever Google+ hangout with Aislinn Paul today! Fans were able to visit Degrassi’s Google+ Page and submit their questions. 5 winners were chosen to chat live with Aislinn, while everybody else was able to participate by watching the chat live on YouTube!

If you missed the live chat, Epitome has posted the entire video to YouTube. It’s over an hour long, but definitely worth watching for all the Aislinn fans out there! Check it out on Epitome’s YT Channel.

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul Part 3

It’s been an amazing summer season! Tonight we are bringing you the last of our exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi.

In the third part of our interview with Aislinn Paul, we asked where she would be in 10 years as well as the one song she would listen to for the rest of her life.

I hope everybody has enjoyed our summer of Degrassi interviews! Remember to watch Degrassi on Much Music this October.

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Degrassi Merchandise: ‘Degrassi Drama’ T-Shirt Now Available

Do you ever secretly wish that you went to Degrassi?

Despite the fact that most kids who go to Degrassi are lucky to get out alive, I can’t help but wish I could be best friends with Imogen or sitting in detention with Bianca. I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to visit the set a couple of times, and it is a surreal experience. As a longtime fan of the show, seeing Degrassi Community School in person and walking down the halls is almost like falling into the Degrassi world.

Most of the time, I think about who I would be and where I would fit in at the school. Would I be on student council? The academic quiz team? The Power Squad? There are so many possibilities.

Degrassi’s (many) clubs are an integral part of the show. Over the years we’ve seen the Degrassi Archery Club, the Grapevine, the Friendship Club, as well as countless sports teams and after school activities. In recent years, however, it’s the Degrassi Drama Club that has taken the spotlight. How much would you like to be co-directing Romeo and Jules with Eli Goldsworthy by your side? The Degrassi Drama Club has had plenty of ‘drama’ over the past couple of seasons, both on stage and off. That’s what has made it so compelling.

Lucky for me, I do have a little piece of Degrassi Drama in my wardrobe. The Degrassi Drama t-shirt (worn by Clare and Eli above) is currently for sale in the Degrassi Store!

Often the first thing people say when they see me wearing this t-shirt is “you watch Degrassi?” Umm… yeah. I do a little more than watch it. But it’s definitely a conversation starter and a great way to meet other fans!

Earlier this summer, I was hanging out with Kary (who you all know from Degrassi Blog) outside of a Toronto subway station. Kary was decked out in his own Degrassi Drama t-shirt as we were about to visit various Degrassi landmarks throughout the city. All of the sudden, the one and only Aislinn Paul (aka Clare Edwards on Degrassi) walked right by us. She instantly recognized Kary thanks to the t-shirt, and we had a little conversation with her.

So if you plan on running into Aislinn Paul anytime soon, or you just want to pretend to be Clare Edwards for a day, the Degrassi Drama t-shirt is only $19.99 if you buy it from the Degrassi Store. It may not buy you a ticket to Degrassi Community School, but you can show off your Degrassi pride to the world!

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul on Free The Children

This summer several Degrassi cast members are going to Ghana for another Free The Children trip!

In part 2 of our interview with Aislinn Paul, we asked her about her involvement with Free the Children. Aislinn explained the work that Free The Children does, as well as the positivity that FTC brings to kids who are helping the organization.

This Friday we will post the last of our Degrassi summer interviews!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Exclusive Interview: Aislinn Paul Part 1

Next week it looks like Clare Edwards will be stealing the spotlight, with Aislinn Paul giving a dramatic and heartfelt performance according to various sources. We could not be more excited!

Today we are bringing you the first part of our interview with Aislinn from the season 12 premiere earlier this summer. In the interview, we asked Aislinn about the first time she gave her autograph to someone as well as her most memorable fan experience. Her answer may surprise you!

Check back on Monday when we will post the 2nd part of our interview with Aislinn in anticipation for finale week!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Interview: Aislinn Paul with The Magazine

This has to be one of my favourite season 12 interviews so far!

Aislinn Paul recently spoke to The Magazine to promote Degrassi’s 12th season. She answered a lot of interesting questions on everything from Degrassi’s busy shooting schedule to her favourite scene to film. She also discussed Clare getting back together with Eli and working with Munro Chambers prior to Degrassi.

On Degrassi’s 40-episode-season limited time schedule, Aislinn said:

It is very different. Back in season 8, I mean we still only shot the 20 or so episodes, and going from being used to working on set with scripts like that and then moving on to shooting twice as many episodes…It was really different to move on and do that much work in so little time and so it’s been an adjustment to work with the scripts for that little time but it’s also a nice challenge. I’ve had a lot of fun.

Read the full article on!

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Degrassi Online Visits Much Music!

Last night for the season premiere, Ashley and myself were given the opportunity to hang out at the Much Music studio while they were filming the live hits. We got to meet Aislinn, Cristine, and Lauren Toyota as well as watch the episode live with them. We also got to watch them film the live hits during the commercial breaks.

It was so much fun to meet everybody! They were just as nice as you would expect. Aislinn and Cristine are definitely Degrassi fans in their own right! Ashley and I will tell you all about it in next week’s episode of Degrassi Talks (stay tuned)!

I was lucky enough to be able to take a few pictures while they were filming. Check them out in our gallery!

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“Party With Degrassi” Screening and M&G – Montclair, NJ – 2/18/12

Hey all! Degrassi Dish aka Bianca here reporting exclusively for Degrassi Online on the FABULOUS “Party With Degrassi” event at Montclair, New Jersey. Being a person who is NO stranger to TeenNick (or The-N for you old-schoolers), I knew right off the bat that an event like this was going to blow my expectations out of the water and it truly did just that.

I was lucky enough to snag a few VIP passes through my job who deals directly with Nickelodeon and TeenNick. This meant no crowds, no lines, and an exclusive meet and greet with the cast before the screen and Q&A. When we arrived we were directed to our parking spot right outside of the theater. We came close to hitting a few fangirls (SORRY!) as the line was right along the sidewalk where we parked. Inside the theater was DECKED out to the NINES. They had various booths where you could create your own Degrassi-ified t-shirts, spin a wheel to win prizes, and a digital green screen to take pictures. They had free popcorn, pretzels, candy and even “mocktails” named after your favorite Degrassi character – I tried the “Eclare on the Rocks”myself.

After taking the entire theater in and it was time to wait on line to meet the cast. We were second in line behind another VIP via Nickelodeon and in front of the Radio Winners who were needless to say enthusiastic! That’s where I met Shanene who is Mindy’s new best friend. 🙂 We were taken backstage and THERE they WERE, sitting in a row ready to do some meeting and greeting. After I had a mini-heart attack it was my turn to meet them and let me tell you they were some of the SWEETEST most down to EARTH people you have ever met. Usually I’m a complete wreck when meeting celebrities, and yes I’ll admit I was nervous, but when you’re greeted with such kindness that type of nervousness just goes away and normal conversation goes on. Luckily since I was one of the first to meet them I had a bit of extra time to chat. Told them how much I love the show and how much their work is so appreciated. The best part was that I had time to explain to them who I was and the twitter I run as well as Erin’s new site re-launch of What blew my mind was that they knew who I was and what Degrassi Talks was.

After meeting them we were taken to our seats where we waited for the show to start. Before the screening they brought out the cast for a little intro and then the show began. Opinions about the show.. let’s just say we’ll save that for a Degrassi Talks. After they brought back the cast out for Q&A. I will leave the video to explain how THAT went down. Just a few highlights: Blart, Lord of the Rings, Jahmil dancing, Munro “take off your pants”, and Mindy’s 20th birthday cake!

It was a great day and very reminiscent of the Ultimate Degrassi Party back in 2006 (holy moley 2006?!??!). We were just glad we could have been apart of it and very thankful for TeenNick for hosting such a well organized and free event for the fans. Goes to show how passionate the US fans are and that we are out there in VERY large numbers. I can’t WAIT to do it again.

Check out my 2 part video of the entire Q&A portion as well as all the pictures I took in the gallery!

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Next Week: Munro and Aislinn at We Day!

We Day 2011 is fast approaching, and this year it is going to be bigger and better than ever!!

Featuring our own Munro Chambers and Aislinn Paul, the Toronto lineup also includes Nelly Furtado, Joe Jonas, Rick Hansen, Patch Adams, City and Colour, as well as Degrassi alumnus Nina Dobrev who is co-hosting!

For those of you who don’t know, We Day is an annual event organized by Free The Children. Each year, young people from across Canada gather to kick off a year of social action. Motivated by powerful speakers and performers, young people will take what they learned at the event and make positive changes in their communities. We Day is the perfect example of how young people can create real and tangible change. In the 2010/2011 school year, We Day youth volunteered 1.7 million hours of their time and raised $5.4 million!!

Degrassi has been involved with We Day since they very beginning. This year is no exception. Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers will be speaking to the crowd. They will likely talk about their most recent trip to Haiti.

I’m also very happy to announce that I will also be in attendance!! Free The Children has offered me a media pass, so I will be backstage with my camera taking everything in!! Of course I will be live tweeting all day (@@Degrassifanscom), and I will also bring you a full report with exclusive pictures. It is going to be an amazing day!!

The Toronto event is on September 27th and takes place almost all day. For more information including video, behind the scenes, extras, and more, check out And don’t forget to ‘like’ We Day on Facebook to donate $1 to Free The Children!!

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We Day 2011

Degrassi cast members Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers will be participating in We Day 2011 in Toronto on September 27th this year. We Day is an event that is in support of the Free The Children organization. Degrassi has been a huge FTC supporter for years now with the cast traveling to Ecuador, Kenya, India, and Haiti to build schools and promote being part of the change worldwide. Every year cast members also participate in We Day which is a huge event inspiring people everywhere to get involved.  You can wait for the broadcast of the event in October or watch it live on September 27th 2011 at For more information about the event and other celebrities attending read it here or on Much Music

Airings on Television and Live Stream:

Both Toronto and Vancouver We Days are being taped for a special to air on MuchMusic, Sunday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. Both events will also be streamed live online at allowing people from all over the world to tune in and take part in the day. An encore broadcast will air on Much Sunday, Oct. 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

You can also help support Free The Children by ordering DVDs of the “Degrassi Goes To…” series available through partner Me To We

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Aislinn Paul: Snappy Answers to Silly Questions!

Aislinn Paul did a quick little interview with the for a new segment called “Snappy Answers to Silly Questions”! She answered seven questions about her Degrassi cast members such as “Which cast member has the messiest dressing room?” and “Which cast member leads the most interesting off-camera life for the purposes of a reality TV show?”

Here’s what she had to say about which cast member she’d like to work with more:

“Oh… Shannon [Kook-Chun]. I would love to work with Shannon. He is so talented, his character is not in the show as much as we would like him to be because we love him so much as a person, we love him here more, and I’d just love to work with it would be so fun.”

To read the full interview click HERE

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Degrassi Season 10 Finale Interview Roundup

There have been so many interviews and sneak peeks for the finale this week. I have resisted posting them, because I hate being spoiled and I hate spoiling it for everybody else. But a few interviews came out today that I thought were worth posting. One in particular is Ology’s exclusive interview with Aislinn Paul. The interview is quite detailed, and Aislinn talks about everything from S11 to what to expect with Eclare:

How’s Season 11 going?
We just started shooting… it’s going great! We have three new characters who are really mixing things up, and having so much fun with them! And things are running smoothly, which is really good.

Are you “involved” with any of these characters?
Well, there’s definitely some interaction with Clare and all the new characters, but… um… yes, one in particular!

Can you give us deets on them?
There’s Jake, who’s played by Justin Kelly, Imogen, who’s played by Christine Prosperi, and we’ve got Katie, played by Chloe Rose. They’re all really interesting characters, and we’re excited to see how

Very exciting! Read the full interview with Aislinn right here!

Here is a list of other interviews/sneak peeks that have been released this week:
Munro Chambers Talks to
Behind the Queer Storylines of Degrassi with Stefan Brogren
Much Music Interviews Charlotte Arnold & Munro Chambers
TeenNick Interviews Munro Chambers
Much Music Sneak Peek Pictures
TeenNick Interviews Charlotte Arnold
Much Music’s Liz With Munro Chambers and Melinda Shankar
Sneak Peek Scene Via TeenNick
Sneak Peek Scene Via Much Music
Munro and James Much Music Interview

Also — In advance of the finale, I just want to say how amazing season 10 has been overall. Whether or not you enjoyed every storyline/character this season, nobody can deny that S10 is one of the most successful years for Degrassi. At this time last year, a lot of people were wondering how much longer Degrassi would continue. A lot of the old fans were moving on, and Degrassi’s future seemed uncertain. But with a change in format, a move to Much Music, and a bunch of new characters, Degrassi is bigger than ever! It’s been so great to see how much the Degrassi fandom has grown, with so many new fans just getting into the show for the first time. I support Degrassi, because I think it’s a good show with a good message. It has influenced my life in a big way, and I hope it does the same for all of you! I hope everyone enjoys the finale tonight!! Onto S11!

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Munro and Aislinn at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards

Munro and Aislinn walked the red carpet at the Kids Choice Awards last night. Unfortunately, pictures and interviews were few and far between. This is the only picture I can find (other than twitpics, etc.). And they didn’t seem to do any video interviews. Even last year when Melinda and Sam were there we got more than this. Haha. At least they still look cute? Enjoy this picture, and lets hope Degrassi gets a Teen Choice Award nomination this year!

UPDATE: Much Music has posted 16 more pictures of Maislinn at the Kids Choice Awards, including pictures of them on the red carpet doing interviews and getting ready beforehand! Check them out at!

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Munro and Aislinn Shopping for the Kids Choice Awards

Munro and Aislinn will be at the Kids Choice Awards tonight in LA!! To get you excited, check out this Etalk segment from last night. It shows Munro and Aislinn shopping for the perfect red carpet outfit at The Bay! I can’t wait to see what outfit they chose.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for pictures/interviews of Munro and Aislinn on the red carpet tonight, and will post them as soon as I can. The Kids Choice Awards airs tonight at 8pm on Nickelodeon.

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TeenNick Interviews Melinda & Aislinn

TeenNick is showing a bit of love for Aislinn & Melinda yesterday.

They posted 2 new video interviews with each of them. Both of which are geoblocked for those of us outside of the US. But all of you Americans can check out the interviews on TeenNick’s website. Click here for Aislinn’s interview, and here for Melinda’s interview. Also check out the two brand new pictures of Aislinn & Melinda that they posted along with the interviews.

Categories aislinn paul interviews teennick Interviews Aislinn Paul just posted this great interview with Aislinn Paul! It’s really interesting. Aislinn talks about Clare’s storyline this season and how so many fans can relate to her. She also discusses her on screen romances with both Munro and Sam, as well as her communication with fans on Twitter:

And on top of all of that, you respond to what appears to be every tweet that you get, but it can’t possibly be, because how could you possibly find the time?
It’s not even close to all of the ones I get. I try my best, and I like developing relationships with some people — like there are some I’ll always respond to because they’re always saying stuff that’s really awesome — and I try to keep up with new people too… I wish I could respond to them all, I really do. I hope they know that I doread them all.