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Degrassi Talks Episode 24: Goodbye KC Guthrie

Degrassi Talks is a Degrassi fan podcast hosted by myself, Bianca, Ashley, and our newest podcaster Sam! In this episode, we discuss KC’s dramatic and shocking departure from Degrassi. We share our favourite KC moments throughout the years, and give our thoughts about how his storyline ended. To listen to the podcast, you can listen or download it on SoundCloud! OR you can subscribe to us on iTunes!!

Episode 24: August 10, 2012

  • Our emotional reactions to KC leaving Degrassi
  • We all have mixed feelings on how KC’s storyline ended
  • Unlike other Degrassi characters, KC at least got closure. Was it worth it?
  • We discuss how KC has changed and grown up over the years
  • The fan reaction to this storyline has been very emotional. Are we surprised?
  • Perhaps KC was one of those characters we appreciate more once he’s gone
  • We share our favourite moments meeting Sam Earle in real life!
  • What is our favourite KC moment ever on Degrassi?
  • Next week: Degrassi’s dramatic summer finale!

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Sam Earle Says Goodbye to Degrassi

Over the years, Degrassi has had many characters leave the show for various reasons. Whether their characters graduated or just simply disappeared into the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle, saying goodbye to Degrassi cast members is not a unusual occurrence.

However, last night emotions were running high when KC Guthrie made a surprise departure from the show. In an emotional and surprising storyline, KC decides to move to Vancouver to protect himself and his mother from his father who was recently released from jail. Kudos to Degrassi for keeping this a secret, because I think it took a lot of fans by surprise.

Despite the fact that most people are sad to see KC go, it seems like a lot of people respect the decision and loved the storyline. Sam Earle being one of them.

After the episode aired last night, Sam tweeted that it was the writers’ decision, but “one that I totally respect and understand.” He also expressed thanks to the cast and crew of Degrassi, as well as the show’s fans:

Thank you for all your support and shenanigans. Degrassi was a fantastic, integral part of my life, and it has the best fanbase in the world … Fun fact: Stefan came to set from the hospital with a leaking appendix to film that scene. Actually amazing lmao, so much love! … Thank you guys for all the amazing messages! I’m blown away by the copious amounts of love you are all showering down upon me. … I wish we could all have a gigantic going-away dance party concert thing somewhere in a giant field at sundown. … Actually though. Nothing but love for all you awesome people! … But like also eff that x100 because working on the show was an amazing time.” – @Smearle_RH

Sam joined the cast of Degrassi in season 8 as one of the original ‘niner’ characters of the new generation. Throughout his 5 seasons on the show, his character has dealt with an abusive basketball coach, teen pregnancy, adoption, and family issues that ultimately led him to become the grown up, mature, compassionate person you saw in last night’s episode. He will be missed!

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Exclusive Interview: Chloe Rose, Sam Earle and Annie Clark Part 2!

Degrassi Online continues to bring you exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi!

Today we have the 2nd part of our interview with Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark. Continuing from our discussion in part 1 of the interview, we asked the Degrassi stars about the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen about themselves on the internet and their summer plans.

Check back this Friday when we post another interview with the cast of Degrassi!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Exclusive Interview: Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark!

Throughout the summer season, Degrassi Online will be bringing you exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi. We will be posting 2 new interviews per week (every Monday and Friday).

This week we have an interview with Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark who we were fortunate enough to talk to at the season 12 premiere. In the first part of the interview, Chloe, Sam and Annie talk about how much they know about the Degrassi fandom and how often they search themselves on Tumblr!

Check back on Monday when we will post the 2nd part of this interview. What is the weirdest thing Chloe, Sam and Annie have seen about themselves on the internet? Yes, they do in fact answer this question!

Watch Degrassi Mondays – Thursdays at 10pm on Much Music!

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Degrassi Cast Attends We Day in Montreal

Jessica Tyler, Sam Earle, and Melinda Shankar were in Montreal today for Free The Children’s event We Day.

For those of you who don’t know, We Day is an event designed to inspire and celebrate youth to give back and work for global change.

The cast of Degrassi was there to share their experiences volunteering during their recent trip to Haiti. The Degrassi cast has been involved with We Day from the beginning. They also appeared at the Toronto event last fall (which I was lucky enough to attend), as well as many other We Day’s from years past.

For more information on We Day and how you can get involved with Free The Children, visit! Also, don’t forget to ‘like’ We Day on Facebook. Every ‘like’ donates $1 to Free The Children!

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Degrassi Cast Live Tweeting

The Degrassi Cast will be hosting a live tweeting session from Much Music each night this week from 8:30 EST until 9:45 EST.  At least three cast members will be on during that time and will be interacting with fans. There are some special rules for this, the cast will only be responding to properly tagged tweets so make sure you include their name hashtagged for a chance at a response. They will not be responding to @ replies at during those times. Read more here.

Monday August 29th

Tweet Chloe Rose by including this hashtag: #chloerose

Tweet Daniel Kelly by including this hashtag: #danielkelly

Tweet Jessica Tyler by including this hashtag: #jessicatyler

Tweet a general question by including this hashtag: #DegrassiGrad

Tuesday August 30th

Tweet Sam Earle by including this hashtag: #samearle

Tweet Annie Clark by including this hashtag: #annieclark

Tweet Cristine Prosperi by including this hashtag: #cristineprosperi

Tweet a general question by including this hashtag: #DegrassiGrad

Wednesday August 31st

To Be Announced

Thursday September 1st

To Be Announced



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Q & A with the Degrassi Cast at Celebrate Bloor!

Some of the Degrassi Cast members will be doing a Q & A Session at 1PM from the Celebrity Interview Stage tomorrow (Sunday June 19th) at Celebrate Bloor!

Sam Earle (KC), Melinda Shankar (Alli), Jessica Tyler (Jenna) and Luke Bilyk (Drew) will be there to answer any of your questions! It says on the website that the Q&A will be 15 minutes. Many musical acts are also set to perform, such as Shawn Desman and Keisha Chante. Proceeds from the event are going to Artists for Peace and Justice!

A little bit more info from the site:

Bloor-Yorkville celebrates the completion of the Bloor Street Transformation Project in “Red Carpet Style” with a grand opening celebration!

Come experience ‘The New Bloor’ in full bloom!

From Church Street to Avenue Road, Bloor Street will be closed to vehicles, in order to roll out one kilometer of red carpet, as a welcome to you and all of our special guests. The day’s festivities will feature the Yorkville Exotic Car Show, Tasting Pavilions, a Concert Stage, celebrity appearances at the Celebrity Interview Stage, In-store Retail Promotions and an Official Opening Ceremony!

Are you planning on going to Celebrate Bloor? Let us know in the comments!

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Celebrating Diversity With the Cast of Degrassi

In this latest blog from Much Music VJ Sarah Taylor, Degrassi cast members join Sarah in discussing their own diversity. Not just race or ethnicity, but also personal characteristics that make us who we are.

Sam Earle, Annie Clark, and Shannon Kook-Chun are all featured in this 5 minute vignette exploring what makes them unique. Each of them share personal stories about other people’s perceptions, and why we should all celebrate diversity!

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Happy Birthday & Sam Earle!

Today is the 2nd anniversary of I started this website on Oct. 4, 2008. Maybe the layout wasn’t as pretty back then, but this little project turned into so much more than I ever intended! When I started it was the beginning of season 8. Degrassi was going through a rough period. A lot of the old fansites were closing, the old fans were moving on, and the new generation was being introduced. I knew there were new fans out there who were going to love Degrassi, so I wanted to create a fansite that supported the new cast & characters. is a fansite for Degrassi as an institution – whether it’s Junior High, TNG, or the current cast. I love Degrassi, its message, and its heart. It’s amazing to see how much Degrassi has grown since 2008, specifically this past year. I love how passionate the fans are about the “new” characters (not so new anymore!). Hopefully this site will keep going for another 2 years! Degrassi is a good show – they should have no problem.

Also, today is the birthday of one of those “new” cast members I was talking about. Sam Earle is turning the big 1-7! Make sure you all wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!! It really is true what they say – 17 is the best year of your life. Enjoy it!

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Degrassi Does India – Sam’s Thoughts

Much Music has posted the next journal entry from the cast on the India trip. This one comes from the one and only Sam Earle. Sam gives a detailed account of a few highlights from the trip. He also talks about the closeness of the cast and his reaction coming back to Canada. It’s really amazing to read, and has me wondering if Sam would ever want to be a writer because this is so well written and inspiring. You guys are going to want to read the entire thing yourselves! Click here to do just that + there are more new pictures posted as well!

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Degrassi Cast Answers Your Questions has been collecting your questions to the Degrassi cast and now they have answered! Melinda, Sam, Ray, and Charlotte all answer questions on their favourite character, cast friendships, and more! Sam even gives this perfect analysis about his character KC:

What is your favorite thing about your character?

Sam: I love the fact that K.C. is always a little difficult to read. At first it seems like a quiet confidence surrounds him, but gradually we discover that this is partially a facade that distracts and allows him to bury certain profound vulnerabilities. It’s taking him a long time to get past all his self consciousness in order to figure out who he really is. He’s getting here, and I enjoy that complexity and the layers that are revealed in that journey.

Read the full interview right here!

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Melinda & Sam Interview At the KCAs

Along with those gorgeous pictures of Melinda & Sam at the Kids Choice Awards last weekend, there’s a new video interview up online. They are so cute, just enjoying the experience! In this interview they talk about who they want to see slimed, the warm LA weather, and how Degrassi fans have contributed to such a successful show. Sam does discuss a storyline that has not aired on TeenNick yet, so this video does contain spoilers for you Americans. Click here to check it out.

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Degrassi Cast at the “Worldwide Day of Play”

On Sept. 26th, Nickelodeon will be hosting its annual “Worldwide Day of Play” in which the network’s TV channels and websites will go off the air for 3 hours. During that time viewers are encouraged to get outside and have some fun. In New York, a 4K race will be held to coincide with the event for its NYC RBC Race for the Kids. It will feature appearances from Degrassi cast members Melinda Shankar and Sam Earle, and will help raise money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NYC. For more information click here.